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Austin City Council : Support Sharing In Austin

Ridesharing is a great solution to the transportation problems that face Austin. But the Austin City Council has said they will penalize ridesharing during South by Southwest (SXSW) -- one of the busiest and most congested times in Austin.

As a leader of the ridesharing movement, I think sharing resource should never be a crime. That’s why I’m asking the Austin City Council not to penalize people who rideshare during SXSW.  

Rideshare companies like SideCar are leading a movement to build a transportation sharing economy that results in a cleaner, greener and more socially connected community. We believe that having the right to offer a technology platform that enables the sharing of resources is important for local communities. We're not alone. Ridesharing programs in cities across the country have been increasingly connecting people and serving local transportation needs.

But when Sidecar said they would offer Austinites the chance to share rides during SXSW, the City Council responded with aggressive action -- sending a cease and desist letter, threatening to impound cars used for ridesharing, even passing an ordinance that makes carpooling in exchange for gas money a crime in Austin! These penalties are unjust, and the Austin City Council needs to drop them.  

Sharing resources is not a crime – it’s a solution for a better and more sustainable way of life. If Austinites and other supporters come together and demand that the City Council and transportation regulators back off the ridesharing penalties they’ve suggested, they’ll have to listen.

Please sign this petition to support ridesharing as a transportation solution in Austin during SXSW. 

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