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SUPPORT the community recommended Changes to Chicano Park aka Holly Shores/ Edward Rendon Sr Park Draft Master Plan

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June 2012 the City began a plan to change Chicano Park. The changes the design team and staff came up with DID NOT benefit the community and some would have created DANGER to chidren and adults. Some of the changes would have made park users PAY for services that our community can not afford.

The community has stood strong and said NO to making changes that are for TOURIST not the community. In March the Austin City council directed Parks and Recreation staff to go back to community to make changes. They have done so and below are the changes many community members and groups wanted. 

Please sign the petition to SUPPORT the CHANGES below. These changes go back to City Council August 28, 2014.


Dear Austin City Council Members and Mayor,

The following are recommendations from various community members and groups that should be changed within the Chicano Park Holly Shores/Edward Rendo Sr. Park Draft Master Plan. 

• Proposed Bike/Pedestrian Bridges:  The various community members and groups recommend REMOVAL of central bridge concept recommended. The two bicycle/pedestrian bridges (at IH-35 and Pleasant Valley Road) should be the only bridges approved, funded and constructed.  Furthermore, community members recommend environmental studies to be conducted along with securing approvals from the Army Corp of Engineers prior to any consideration of the Pleasant Valley Road Bike/Pedestrian bridge.

• Proposed Holly Street Extension: Various community members and groups recommend the Holly Street extension be designed to accommodate only pedestrians, and emergency and maintenance vehicles only. The purpose of the recommendation was to maximize park safety and limit cut-through traffic in the park.

• Proposed Internal Park Road from Pedernales to Riverview Street: Various community members and groups recommend redesigning the proposed road connection from Pedernales Street to Riverview Street to primarily accommodate only bicycles, pedestrians, and emergency and maintenance vehicles. 

• Proposed Internal Park Road in the Ball Fields area:  Various community members and groups support and staff will recommend an EXTENTION of the current parking lot on the west end of the fields which will increase parking without having to place a road thru the middle of ballfields. We support a realignment of the ballfields if needed to accomplish attainment of parking lot extention.  

• Proposed Improvements to Fiesta Gardens Lagoon:  Various Community members and groups recommend a change to the plan that depicts the creation of sloped lawns, scenic views, shoreline/riparian enhancements and passive recreation such as fishing, canoeing and kayaking. We DO NOT want swimming allowed and staff supports not allowing recreation such as swimming.

• Proposed Community Use of Fiesta Gardens West: Various community members and groups recommend to modify the plan by including future uses of the building be relabeled in the master plan for “Community Use” rather than for “Concessions”.  Future uses should be for youth and senior programming.

• Proposed Relocation of Degollado Pavilion: VArious community members and groups recommend to not relocate The Degollado Pavilion; but, rather, relocate the stage from the east side of the pavilion to the north side of the pavilion to lessen the noise level to the residential area. As many nieghbors have valid complaints regarding event noise.

•FENCE surrounding FIESTA GARDENS- We do not support fence removal.. The cost of a temporary fence for Cultural events for the community would be over whelming to the groups sposoring events.

•We the community DEMAND REPAIRS and REPLACEMENT of the restrooms, Playground and water fountains be made PRIORITY ONE. These repairs should be made BEFORE any funding is allocated to other projects within the master plan.

•We DO NOT want to be designated a Metropolitan park. We do not meet the acreage requirement and should be a District park or community park.

•Park must be made ADA accessible as part of priority one.

 •We DO NOT SUPPORT the APD and PARK RANGERS offices being placed in the Nash Hernandez Building. This should be used for COMMUNITY space.

 • We the community DO support a fishing pier in close proximity to IH35 bridge.

We do not want pay parking in the park.  


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