Allow Granny Flats and other Small Houses Everywhere

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Austin is changing.  Rapid population growth, rising property values, and rampant sprawl are taking the city by the throat.  Without a quick course change, Austin will become a place where only the wealthy can afford to live.

Fortunately, we can do something about it, and allowing granny flats everywhere is a first step.

Granny flats are popular - 57% of Austinites support allowing more types of housing to be built - more than double the number opposed.  They are small and more affordable, they fit in perfectly in our existing neighborhoods, they provide an increased tax base, and allow our seniors to age in place.   They help fight traffic by letting people live closer to where they work and play.

Unfortunately, granny flats are hard to build now.  For example, they require a huge new driveway, there are detailed setback requirements that make them difficult to place on a lot, and they can only be built on large lots.  These and other unnecessary requirements make new housing almost impossible to build and just make Austin more expensive.

Join AURA and tell City Council that you want more granny flats, more affordability, and less sprawl and traffic.

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