Stand United Against Hate Symols: No Rising Sun Flag, No Swastika!

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Please join Wilshire Community Coalition ("WCC") in its efforts to protest against a mural depicting Japan's Rising Sun Flag at a wall of the RFK Community Schools in Los Angeles. We understand that the school officials and the artists did not intend to offend anyone or promote hate crimes. However, the mural depicts the Rising Sun Flag of the Japanese Imperialism during the World War II. This flag symbolizes the Japanese military aggression that resulted in one of the most horrendous and gruesome crimes against humanity in human history.

We value every culture and history. We love Japan and Germany! However, such cruel history against huamnity is not to be tolerated and repeated. This is why we condemn, denounce and ban hate symbols like Swastika of German Nazism and anti-Semitism, and KKK of White Supremacy. Yet, the unfortunate lack of education regarding the Japanese Imperialism allows for such ignorance of the Rising Sun Flag. We would like to take this opportunity to briefly summarize the cruel history of Japanese imperial/military aggression.

The Rising Sun Flag served as "the sole emblem of Japan's crimes against humanity during the war time."

The Rising Sun Flag, symbolizing the Japanese Imperialism, is equivalent to the Swastika of German Nazism.

The Japanese military aggression under the Rising Sun Flag killed over 20 million people during the WWII in Asia, Europe and the United States. It is responsible for committing gruesome and horrible crimes against humanity during the war and the colonization period.

It is associated with massive killings of innocent people motivated by racism. Moreover, it is responsible for inhumane and horrendous crimes against humanity. It used human as experimental tools to develop chemical weapons intended to wipe out targeted ethnic groups. Furthermore, it executed military aggression at the cost of women and girls as sex slaves, known as "Comfort Women", and innocent children and men as forced laborers.

Therefore, the mural symbolizing Japan's Rising Sun Flag is not only extremely offensive and threatening to many survivors, descendants and community stakeholders in this community who stand in absolute opposition of crimes against humanity committed by the Japanese military aggression during the World War II, but also puts our values for humanity at risk.

Just imagine having a mural of Swastika along with the profile of Ava Gardner, combined with architectural elements and ornaments from the original site's brass doors, Moorish arches, columns and palms, in the heart of Jewish community. This would no doubt bring an uproar from the entire Jewish American community as offensive and unacceptable.

We request that the schools and LAUSD promptly remove the Rising Sun Flag from its RFK Mural Festival.

“Maybe history wouldn't have to repeat itself if we listened once in awhile.”
― Wynne McLaughlin

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