Bring back the "Dione" snow-map for Ring of Elysium

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Hello dear Ring of Elysium fan.

When you read this. You are the resistance!

Raise your voice together with us. To bring back the beloved "Dione" map.

  • We want to bring back the Snow-Map "Dione" in the regular game mode.
  • We don't want to delete/remove the current map "Europa".

In our mind there are two ways of achieving this:

  • Put both maps on a rotation. So that for each game a random map is picked.
  • Put both maps in different time windows. So that they rotate every hour/few hours.

We went for a "rotation" of the maps because we don't think another queue is the way to go. An option for the player to chose the map would create another queue and would make it difficult to find enough players to start the game in a short time. The DEVs already closed down certain modes(solo/duo on NA) at times to remove queues, in order to lower the time needed to find a game.

We know that many love the new map. But we also know that the old map was loved by so many of you. Having two maps could mean that more people would be interested again in playing RoE. Especially old players but also new ones that have not yet experienced the old map. We believe that now is the time to tell tencent/aurora that we want both maps in the regular game mode!


Any questions? Suggestions or just want to tell us something? Maybe you want to play the game with us?

Join us on Discord to do all that:

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