Help our friend into a convent

Help our friend into a convent

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Started by chris cruz

Gather around, everyone, I've got quite the story for you all.


Our story begins with a tiny child. One would expect her to grow, yes?




She's tiny!


She went from saying very based things like "Conglomerates seek to uplift worlds in mutually beneficial transactions and actions." Which is quite obviously very based as it supports a very just pure market system!


to things like


"MOMMY", when she saw a pretty anime female.


How very fatherless of her, and the irony is that she has an excess of fathers.


You all articulate to me in the comments how someone with so many fathers can still be fatherless!


"she bounces around from home to home, father to father, the quintessential fatherless child of anime and K-pop"- a statement from a VERY WORRIED AMIGO of hers!

In conclusion, she need Jesus in her life ASAP fr fr.

So, please sign this petition, so that we can get our friend the help she needs! 



20 have signed. Let’s get to 25!