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A Disabled Retired Chicago Cop & Vietnam Vet denied pit bull service dog

Please take a minute and read the news article of this situation. I understand that pit bulls are feared by some but I am a pit bull owner as well and also suffer from depression and anxiety. Both have which seized once I rescued my pit bull from a shelter. Please find it in your hearts to see this go through!



As well as temperment goes..Pit bulls pass higher than cocker spaniels and more..

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Aurelia, IA City Council
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Aurelia, IA City Council.

A Disabled Retired Chicago Cop is being denied pit bull service dog

Recently it has come to light that you did not allow a retired police officer to keep his service dog, which happens to be a pit bull. Now, service dogs whether what breed do serve a purpose for the wounded and injured. You might see all the negative in the world about pit bulls but there are many stories of pit bulls that save lives and help peoples lives! Leo, a rescue pit bull from Michael Vicks dogs, was a service dog for the elderly. The smiles on their faces tell it all. If you have a ban on pit bulls ok but you can not deny a disabled man his SERVICE dog who helps him through his everyday needs. That's like me taking away your right arm because I do not like you to have a right arm but you need to it get through your day don't you? Please reconsider your choice on letting this retired man keep his service dog.