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Resume production of Kodak Aerochrome EIR film

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We are film (“analogue”) photographers who, as any artist, amateur or professional, spend a lot of money on the materials and tools needed to execute our art. As some artists buy paint, and others clay, we buy photographic film. And just as a painter without the rights paints cannot paint, without the right choice of film we cannot create our products – be it for profit, pleasure, or both. 

We call upon Kodak Alaris and Lomographische AG to work together in order to resume production of Kodak Aerochrome EIR film. This product was a truly unique film, producing effects otherwise unobtainable in film photography. Whilst we commend the tireless efforts of Lomographische and their partners to create a new film approximating some of the effects of Aerochrome, we see Lomochrome Purple as an exciting complement to Aerochrome, but not a replacement. 


The high prices commanded on online auction sites for the few remaining rolls of Aerochrome, and the great success of Lomochrome Purple, are a testament to the huge unmet demand within the photographic community for this film. The market for analogue photographic products has been transformed in recent years by the efforts of companies like Lomographische, that have significantly increased demand for “exotic” films by a new generation of photographic artists. Films such as Aerochrome

As such, our call is not for a company to resume production purely out of passion, but out of commercial acumen. The demand for Aerochrome in 135 and 120 format is real, viable and potentially lucrative, but only if manufacturing is carried out alongside a commitment to marketing and interaction with the artistic community to raise awareness of the product and it’s place within the photographic artists paintbox. 


It is for this reason that we call for this revival to be a joint effort between the manufacturing expertise of Kodak Alaris, with their legacy of working with Aerochrome as a manufacturer, and the marketing expertise of Lomographische AG, who have proven themselves capable of promoting and distributing innovative products to a vibrant and loyal customer base.

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