Change gendered and slavery-derived terms in the audio industry!

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The audio industry uses horribly outdated terms to refer to connector types and to clocking roles in digital audio devices.  Using metaphorical language, rather than clear descriptive language, isn't the most logical way to describe these functions, and perpetuates gender- and race-based stereotypes that don't make for an inclusive audio industry environment.

I propose that instead of "Male" and "Female" connectors (a set of terms representing heteronormative sexual relations, and a metaphorical, rather than literal, description of what the connectors do), we use "Plug" and "Socket". 

I propose that instead of "Master" and "Slave" for clock sources and recipients (terms that reference some of the greatest human injustice in history, and again, are metaphorical rather than literal) we adopt the terms "Send" and "Receive".  Clock sources are literally being sent from the main "Send" (formerly "Master") computer, and "Received" by all others.

Make our industry more logical and less exclusive!  Add your voice to this petition, which we will circulate to manufacturers around the world!