AUT bring back the Creative Industries major

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6 Days out from the beginning of semester, AUT students were informed via email that the Creative Industries major was being cancelled in 2020 due to "Unforeseen Resource Constraints". This is so ridiculous as 2nd year students who were hoping to do this major are unable to go into it. Unfortunately its so late before the semester starts, that students who were only wanting to major in Creative Industries are having to make impulse decisions on changing to other major's which aren't what we intended on studying. This is so unfair on our behalf to make this change 6 days out from starting as it leaves students no time to decide on where they want to lead their studies or whether they would like to transfer to a different university.

On AUT's behalf, it is appalling to see such bad planning and communication towards this matter. For the university to be well known for their Bachelor of Communications Studies degree many students make the effort to go to AUT in hopes of the best study possible. To have your studies pulled from under your feet with such little help in making sure you get the best outcome to continue your studies is very unprofessional and embarrassing. For the students who have specifically attended AUT for the Creative Industries major (like myself) and are now having to branch out to transfer universities but only having 5 days before universities begin is honestly upsetting as many of us will have to put our studies on hold until semester 2 as it is possibly too late to apply.


Dear AUT, on behalf of many second year students who have already completed our first year in hopes of finishing with a major in Creative Industries. Please take the time to consider bringing the major back as it is a popular and amazing major that we all wish (and thought would be guaranteed) to be able to finish.