Create another 007/03C school bus

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We’ve been catching the 007 school bus for almost one and a half years now, and we’ve only gotten a seat less than twenty times.

    Birkenhead is a hub for students catching buses to all across town. This is a big problem, as now Auckland Transport doesn’t have enough buses to send all of us safely to school.

    We, Sadie and Emi, are only two of these people and we’re tired of our bus not having enough space for us. Last year, we had to stand but at least we had enough space to accommodate all the students wanting to get on. All students deserve a space on the bus. To put it bluntly, it’s just unfair.

Recently, there has been so many students on the bus that we couldn’t get on. We’ve had to catch public buses, which now because of the five or ten students who got kicked off their school buses due to overcrowdedness are filled up faster.