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Auckland Transport changed the East Auckland bus network on the 9th of December 2017. This change was to make things more "efficient" and "faster" for East Auckland citizens. As quoted from Auckland Transport the main reason to changing the bus network was to make transport to the city easy and seamless for the majority of citizens and to "make the most effective use of our (AT) budget to provide good public transport options for the most people we can." However, the complete opposite has occurred in the current system, it is not efficient nor is it fast. It has cut out Cockle Bay, Bucklands Beach and parts of Missions Heights from the bus network, this means citizens of these parts of Auckland have to take from 2-4 connections (these connections are always late and never connect at the same time) to arrive at their destination ALONGSIDE having to walk almost 20-40 minutes to get to their nearest bus stop. I find this completely unacceptable as it makes the journey to your end destination a long and tiring endeavour. Auckland Transport has been inconsiderate to many parties such as school kids who are having to walk and take inconvenient connections to school, university students who once again are getting demotivated to take the important trip to university due to the extreme amount of time that goes into travelling. Alongside these parties there are also the working class which are being forced to take a car to work because of how much more convenient this is- not only does this mean more traffic and congestion at peak times but it also means pollution which causes extreme damage to our beautiful Aotearoa. 

As outlined above this new network is an absolute disgrace with connections not coming on time and people having to walk kilometres to reach their nearest bus stop. Currently, Auckland Transport is not listening to the general public as they think that this new network is perfect because of the little number of complaints they have received. Therefore this is where you come into the picture, if you have had a problem with the new network and think the old network was better please sign this petition to show Auckland Transport the number of people being impacted.  

Kia Ora,

Khorshed Tarapore- a very concerned citizen of Auckland