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Ever increasing traffic volumes and speed (1) have rendered this road completely unsafe for pedestrians.
Residents of all ages are seen walking, riding their bikes, or pushing a pram along the dangerous edge of this road every day. Candia Road has become the shortcut of choice between North West and South West areas of Auckland. New housing developments in the area and the absence of an alternative route mean that this problem will only intensify if not dealt with urgently. This is not a minor rural road and can no longer be ignored as such.

(1) Weekday traffic has increased by 19% over 4 years, with over 500 cars an hour at peak times. 1 in 3 vehicles exceeds the posted 70km/h speed limit. (source: AT Traffic Counts 2013-2017)

In line with Auckland Transport’s aim to promote walking as a mode of transport, a health and leisure activity and an ingredient in sustaining local communities, we demand that a footpath be built along the length of Candia Road in Henderson Valley and Swanson.
A clearly defined pedestrian path away from motorised traffic has become essential to improve safety for pedestrians of all ages on this increasingly dangerous stretch of road.
It will provide access to community facilities such as local schools and ECEs, nearby train and bus services, parks and leisure areas.
It will complete missing links in the existing pedestrian network by connecting to Pooks, Simpson, Sturges, Coulter, Vineyard and Henderson Valley Roads to support a wider variety of local walking trips and effectively utilise surrounding footpaths, the Waitakere Foothills Walkway, as well as existing and future transport services.