Make Basque Park Off-Leash

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For many years, a group of up to 30 Eden Terrace locals and their apartment-dwelling dogs have been meeting at Basque Park in the early evenings to exercise their dogs - and in the process have built up strong friendships and a sense of community.  Many people who use the park - dog-owners and non-dog-owners alike - have expressed enjoyment of and support for the dogs running free in the park, with some non-dog-owners coming down specifically to see and pat the dogs.  

Many park users were unaware that Basque was not an off-leash area, until the rules started being enforced more stringently at the beginning of 2019.  After several local dog owners received fines or warnings, many of the regulars stopped coming to Basque, instead choosing to drive their dogs further afield to areas where they can play off-leash legally.  Those who have remained have kept their dogs on-leash - which has resulted in some seriously curtailed play for the dogs and not a few leash-tangle injuries for dogs and humans alike!

We would like to respectfully petition the Auckland Council and Waitemata Local Board to make Basque Park an official off-leash area, so that the apartment-dwelling locals and their dogs can resume bringing joy and community to their shared "backyard"!