Loosen the leash on dog rules

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Auckland Council is proposing to introduce more punitive and restrictive dog policies that punish responsible dogs and their owners.

Around 20% of Auckland families have a dog and the vast majority are responsible and law-abiding.

Yet Auckland has some of the most restrictive dog rules in the country.

Dogs are banned from public transport and regional parks, and restricted on beaches and in public spaces. Owners face expensive and onerous registration costs. No other pet face restrictions or registration costs.

And the council want to impose even more.

They're proposing to extend the beach ban on dogs, restrict dog access in four more parks, and make it even harder to own more than one pooch.

They are also planning to allow city bureaucrats to make any changes they like to any dog rules they like at a moment’s notice, if they think it will protect plant life.

This is despite dogs generating millions in revenue to the city coffers. Council doesn’t reveal how or where this money is spent. It’s certainly not on dogs – there are only 37 dedicated dog exercise areas in the city.

It’s time for Auckland to loosen the leash on dog rules.

Have your say in the consultation by 10 May.

Or sign our petition to send a message to Auckland Council to ease up on these rules and free the fur.