Remove Online Proctoring Methods from Auburn University

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Online learning has been something that we've yet to get accustomed to since early March 2020, when COVID-19 forced Auburn University to shut down campus and assume the form of online learning. Since then, Auburn has partnered with Honorlock, Respondus (Lockdown), and ProctorU. Many of you may already know this, but some might not. This trinity of proctoring software is essentially legitimized spyware, in which they "access to some combination of the student’s webcam, microphone, screen, and browser. According to Forbes, "Some even use biometrics, like facial recognition, as well as eye tracking and artificial intelligence, to positively identify students and monitor for suspicious behavior... some services require the student to show the proctor their entire room, monitor the student’s screen, collect their browsing and search histories, and monitor their keystrokes and mouse clicks." No one should willingly allow these companies to gather their own, personal data. Please share this petition and help make students aware of what is being done.