Make masks mandatory in ACS for Fall 2020

Make masks mandatory in ACS for Fall 2020

July 3, 2020
Petition to
Superintendent, Auburn City Schools Dr. Cristen Herring
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Started by Stacey Blersch

Parents with students in the Auburn City Schools (ACS) system recently received multiple emails about ACS's learning models for Fall 2020. Parents were also requested to fill out a survey asking parents to commit to a) in person or b) online learning by 7/12.  This deadline is before the next school board meeting on 7/14, which would be the first opportunity parents have to ask questions about this policy.

The current models as presented would not protect the health and safety of students, faculty or staff and their families. The models are inherently ambiguous, but do not require students to wear masks while on school grounds and state that physical distancing is not possible during the school day.  Other school districts and universities in the region have mandated masks for the Fall. We should do the same.

Please sign this petition to:
1) Request Dr. Herring convene a public virtual meeting to explain the current policy before the survey deadline;
2) Request the dress code policy be changed to include masks/face coverings for Fall 2020; and
3) Request the deadline for the parent survey be moved back to 7/15.

While we support and love our local Auburn City Schools and recognize the difficulties of planning for the Fall under a cloud of uncertainty that Covid-19 has brought,  we as parents need more information and access to decision makers because these decisions affect the life and health of us all.


This petition made change with 1,288 supporters!

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Decision Makers

  • Dr. Cristen HerringSuperintendent, Auburn City Schools