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Au Pairs support each other !


Hello everyone,

I am Quentin Ona Morel, an au pair in California for 3 months. I left my host family on the decision of Cultural Care in Boston. I did not have a choice, they decided for me. Let me explain my problem.

What is supposed to do Cultural Care in the context of a problem with their au pair? Throw him in the first plane or help him find a new family quickly? The answer seems obvious.

But it seems that the agency wants to avoid the slightest problem and thus send us back to our country to flee its responsibilities.

Every au pair has his motives and made sacrifices to work as an au pair: it can be leaving a job in his country, leaving his family or friends, taking a break from his life, etc.

In my case, Cultural Care in Boston doesn't allow me to rematch because they think there is a risk ... But what risk are we talking about and why? What real reason do they invoke? Perhaps you will find this reason ridiculous but their only excuse is: "you can't go in rematch because you said a few bad words to your kid and you were violent with him".

Where is the neutrality we hear about every day? The family is dirtying my name by telling stories and I should go home for simple lies. Do you really believe that au pairs are there to mistreat their host kids? When your kid is disrespectful, he insults you all day long, hites you, bites you, spits on you, says bad words that he is not supposed to say or know at age 7 years old. In addition he comes back from the toilet with his paper full of poo to show you and wipe on you. Do you believe it's respectful? So defending yourself by trying to control your kid, without hitting him and being in restraint, is considered like violence.

Au pairs are not robots or toys that we decide to throw whenever we want. If parents are not doing anything to change the intolerable behavior of their child, do you think it's appropriate to continue being patient and respectful with your kid?

In addition, when your kid has other troubles, like private troubles, I think it is unsuitable for any au pair to be integrated into this kind of family. Of course you will understand where I am coming from. Why does a 7-years-old kid already have this kind of trouble at this age???

Would not you be worried about discovering problems you did not expect? How to handle this embarrassing situation? I know this aspect of the problem is very delicate, but the simple fact of controlling more seriously and more regularly the families would avoid us this kind of situation. Indeed, it undermines the psychological well-being of your au pairs.

So that's my question: do you think Cultural Care is right to refuse me the rematch?

From an objective point of view, we all know the answer.

If you agree that Cultural Care gives me the rematch, thank you for your support.

You can already sign this petition. Indicate your full name, your agency if you are an au pair or your job, as well as your country.

We must prove to Cultural Care that we stand together and that we will not let our feet go so easily.

Objective : the most signatures possible. Thank you for your support !


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