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Legalize ANGKAS

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As an Angkas Customer, I would like to express my full support in Angkas and all its riders. Angkas has given the Filipino people a fast, safe, and convenient alternative solution to the country's seemingly never-ending traffic congestion problem, especially in highly populated cities. I believe there is no need for me to elaborate why Angkas is the better option for most commuters nowadays as I'm sure you are well aware of the current situation of our existing but inefficient public transport systems such as the MRT, LRT, buses, and taxis. Even Grab and Uber still can't "beat the traffic". Here are some points I would like to raise: 

1. Angkas is safe. Riders undergo rigorous training and safety seminars to ensure they are learned in the proper safety driving decorum with a pillion. There is also a directive speed limit to ensure both riders and passengers are safe. Standard safety helmets are provided to riders for their customers to use. Any form of transportation has some sort of risk involved. Riders take the necessary safety precautions because obviously they also want to get home safely to their families.

2. Angkas is convenient. With a simple tap on the app, you are assigned a rider in a few minutes instead of having to wait in line for hours trying to get on the train. No need to risk your life trying to hail a taxi who will just decline because your drop off location is too far or will ask for "extra" instead.  

3. Angkas is reliable. It is SOP for the riders to send a confirmatory text message to their customers to let them know that they are on their way.

4. Angkas is affordable. The fare is very reasonable and affordable for most Filipinos. Angkas also provides discount promo codes and adheres to government mandated Student/Senior/PWD Discounts.

5. Angkas is clean. Riders are appropriately dressed and well-groomed. Disposable face masks and shower caps are offered to passengers before they get on the bike. Raincoats are readily available for when it rains. 

6. Angkas is heart. As we all know how warm and friendly Filipinos are, Angkas riders are all this and more since they undergo customer service training and are dedicated to providing utmost care to their passengers. There are countless testimonials posted on different social media sites that prove this. Even foreigners trust Angkas because it provides the service they need.

7. Angkas is LIFE. Many riders rely on Angkas for their main source of income. These riders have families to feed, children to send to school, parents to look after, brothers and sisters to provide for. This is their livelihood. If you permanently discontinue Angkas, where will these people get their source of income? Are you going to provide jobs for the thousands of riders who benefit from Angkas? These men and women (yes there are female riders) endure the harsh weather, rain or shine, night and day, yet provide service with a smile because they know that their families are waiting for them at home and they are confident they can provide for them. Some riders are part-timers because they use their earning from Angkas to send themselves to school or for additional income to augment the mere minimum wage they earn from their day jobs. Customers rely on Angkas to get to work on time, so they won't lose their jobs and they can keep providing for their families. To get to meetings on time, so they can do their part in the community. Even police officers and other important members of the society such as doctors rely on Angkas to get to their destination and maybe save lives. 

I only have one question to ask: Do you have anything planned for the thousands of riders who will lose their main source of income and to the thousands more commuters who rely on them to be able to perform their vital roles in their respective communities?  IF NOT, LEGALIZE ANGKAS!

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