Tougher laws for covering up knowledge of pedophiles

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Protect our children

We ask you as the people who have the authority to make our society a safer and better place. Introduce laws with a penalty of 10 years for the covering up of sex crimes against innocent children.

Pedophiles don't just rape children they are also killers !

Abused children are dying maybe not straight away and not always by hanging them-self like my brother John or drinking themselves into early graves before there 50th birthday like my best friend Freddy (both victims) people are dying every day of the week from the overpowering burden of guilt and shame within their lives inflicted by pedophiles like Father Peter Rushton. I place the death of my brother and best friend at his feet. Why do I say this because he also sexually abused me as well and it has taken most of my effort to stay alive fighting off suicidal thoughts most of my life suffering depression and going through multiple breakdowns and hospital stays, eventually completely imploding ending up on benefits as i could no longer function as a member of society.(Father Rushton was my godfather.)
These pedophiles are killers and people who turn there backs and allow sexual abuse on children to continue are condoning sentencing these children to at best a life of suffering and at worst the taking of there own life.

I ask you this.

If some of authority had even circumstantial evidence that a person was a murderer do you feel it would be their duty to inform the authorities?
Father Peter Rushton was abusing boys over 40 years and on many occasions complaints were made and nobody took any action. I personally know of 4 people who have either suicided or taken the slow and painful way out by drinking themselves to an early death because of the abuse of this serial pedophile and nobody came forward to stop his behaviour and unfortunately as we all now know this type of abuse was allowed to go on unchecked by the people society had placed there trust allowing the abuse and possible deaths of many victims. With this in mind I also ask you to make the law not only to it being a criminal offence to not report pedophiles but also make the laws retrospective sending a strong message that society will not stand for condoning pedophiles.

It is time to introduce laws making people who know about crimes against innocent children and do nothing about it accountable.

My personal life has been distorted by my abuse as a child making me a burden on society instead of a productive contributor how many more people are out there like me. A woman witnessed me giving oral sex to father Peter in a church a Wollombi In 1964 when I was 11 years old and did nothing. If there was a law for mandatory reporting carrying a severe penalty then she may have come forward saving not only me from continuing abuse but also tens if not hundreds of boys being abuse by him over the next 40 years. I shudder to think how many would of taken there own lives because of him being able to continue.

Children need powerful laws to protect them. The findings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse need implementing.
I ask for your support in making shore they are implemented.


Paul Gray.
- first witness in case 42 into the Anglican Church of Newcastle by the Royal Commission into Child Abuse.