Royal Commission into Queensland Legal Field - Judiciary - Watchdogs, Judicial Commission

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Where is the Consultation? Where are the Voices of the True Stakeholders? Where are the Protective Respectful Watchdogs with Teeth? Where is the Aid, Protection and Witness for vulnerable, disenfranchised Legal Consumers - Victims and their Significant Others being "Hung Out to Dry", being expected and intended to Infinitely "Take the Fall" and “Cop Sweet” the serious far-reaching even Dire consequences of an easily Infiltrated – Hijacked – Broken - Corrupted Queensland, Australia Legal Field – “Judiciary” - Toothless Watchdogs Dangerous “festering” Abscess Triangle System?

Please Support, Sign and Share Widely Our Petition calling on the Queensland Palaszczuk Government “Executive” - Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath - Governor of Queensland former Chief Justice Paul de Jersey to Stop the Dangerous Denial, to Urgently Invoke Powers of Intervention and Immediately Instal:

1. Broad Terms of Reference (retrospective) Royal Commission - Inquiry into the Queensland Legal Field in its entirety - Queensland Law Society and Barrister’s Association members – “Judiciary” - Toothless Watchdogs that must be similar to the respectful of Victims "leaving few stones unturned" solid spadework Federal Government Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and comprehensive Queensland Government Fitzgerald Inquiry into Corruption for this Dangerous Toxic “festering” Abscess Triangle System to be Uncovered, Lanced, Flushed, Cleansed, Exposed without Favour or Immunity. So that Innocents’ Lives and Economy, the Fabric of our Society cannot be Trashed and Destroyed without Penalty, without Accountability under the Law and Ethics, without appropriate Compensation and Remedy. Law, Ethics and Justice must have a Fair Chance to Prevail. The True Stakeholders, the Innocents whom bear the Full brunt of easily Infiltrated - Hijacked - Broken - Corrupted Systems, of Dangerous costly (gross) Incompetence and Negligence to full-blown Career Criminal Legal Practitioners, of bulls-eye Targeted "Judiciary" rendered Neither Capable nor Competent Unable to Protect Themselves Let Alone Protect Victims (of Crime) and of contemptuous, dismissive Toothless Watchdogs Failing and Refusing to Uphold Aid, Protection and Witness Mandates must be Guaranteed that Their inalienable Legal and Ethical Rights Take Precedence and Prevail without Fear or Compromise. Anything less would be Dangerous Tokenism for vulnerable disenfranchised Legal Consumers - Victims and their Significant Others. Nothing at all would continue the (Life Threatening) Dangerous Denial. 

2. “Safety-net” Judicial Commission to provide Protection for vulnerable, disenfranchised Legal Consumers - Victims and their Significant Others - as Queensland’s former Chief Justice Tim Carmody an “insider –Whistleblower” resigning to a cacophony of loud voiced Deniers from the Queensland Law Society, Onerous Burden to Innocent Victims Privileged Immunity Bar Association of Queensland and self-assessing, self-referencing, self-governing “Judiciary” supported by the Queensland Palaszczuk Government "Executive" - Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath in Denial has already made a long overdue common-sense Public Call to Watchdog and Overhaul as Tim Carmody termed it, the “festering” Supreme Court "Judiciary". Save a Judicial Commission Watchdog should cover all Queensland Courts and Court Houses.  


I have opened Facebook - Twitter Accounts for Legal Consumers – Victims, their Significant Others, Supporters of Our Petition to access:  

Facebook: Royal Commission into Qld Legal Field - Judiciary - Toothless Watchdogs
Twitter: Ruth Leahy @Petitioner007

Thank You,
Ruth Leahy

I would appreciate the Aid and Support, Help of Investigative Journalists.

To Expose both this Toxic Queensland System and also the Toxic System of the "We are not your Policeman, We don't red-flag Fraud Suspects" but we can be your Jailer Australian Federal Government Primary and Secondary Defrauded Australian Taxpayers' Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The ATO with its easily Hijacked - Broken – Corrupted secretive non-transparent Locked Doors System and its serially covert Gameplayed for years Hidden from Myself and my legal representation Public Servants - Litigator(s), I know to My Full Personal and Economic Detriment has to be Common Knowledge in Corrupt Circles Works as a Personal Offensive Weapon - Tool without any Accountability For Fraudulent Legal and Lay Career Criminals and Aides whom Thrive on non-transparency Against Law-abiding Defrauded Taxpayers.

These two Toxic Systems, a heap of Dangerous abusive Toothless Watchdogs will See Me into the (early) Push-Shove Heavily Defrauded trying to be Bankrupted Slandered and Defamed so that insatiable greed power lust Fraud and nefariousness can be Infinitely Achieved without Accountability under the Law and Ethics "making noises - not the full picnic - needs to be psychiatrically examined" Dead Broke(n) Incarcerated Institutionalised Woman Can't Witness Grave that I am intended to Go by predominantly Male Perpetrators from the base Queensland Legal and Lay Field whom I view as dishonest without obvious guns and knives for weapons "rapists" and "killers" of my Life and Economy. Before Law, Ethics and Justice will Ever Prevail in My Life(time) and Economy. No matter that both the Queensland Palaszczuk Government that has Never Aided nor Protected Me in Opposition nor Power and Australian Federal Government are loudly spruiking Commitment to Stop Violence against Women.

I am an innocent moral, lawful, responsible, protective bulls-eye Targeted for DecadeLife Threatened Female Victim "insider knowledge" Expert Witness Supreme Court appointed Trustee Fraud Victim Whistleblower of:

1. Unstoppable for Decades Queensland Legal Field Corruption by out of control gone fully rogue "insiders" Abrogating their Duty of Care Obligations Corrupting over their own Primary Clients fused-at-the-hipbone with "outsiders" from a pack mentality Mackay - Emerald - Brisbane (Australia-wide) Old Boys and few girlies Bully "Protectorate" Legal Field Club whose elitist, arrogant Queensland Law Society and Bar Association of Queensland members (erroneously) believing that They and Legal Peers are Above the Law and can Remain Infinitely Unaccountable under the Law and Ethics have in their unlawful, unethical Protection of Their Own Fraudulent nefarious Selves and/or Aid and Protection of Their Own Fraudulent nefarious Legal Peers Unconscionable, Indefensible without any care save the most Heinous will be acutely aware to the serious far-reaching long Proven Dire consequences of all their endless bastardy To Order Tightly Wrapped-up in their Protective Embrace All of Their Lay Criminal Master the self-appointed "Master Puppeteer" of a phenomenal bizarre Fraud (freak show) Circus that he has been "playing" in the Legal Arena since at minimum (1990) 1992 with No Use-By Date save my Death and his grateful "sweetened" and "fattened" on Fraud Lay Thugs, an Unstoppable Violent Malicious Fraudulent Predatory Lay Male Stalker long Proven Beyond Dangerous to my (and Others) Personal and Economic Safety whom has Dangerously for Decades been recruiting in his own image "scalps" Fraud-buffers from the base Queensland Legal and Lay Field;  


2. Compromised since December 2000 bulls-eye Targeted Civil "Judiciary" Not Trying my Legal Maxim "Fraud Never Goes Out of Time" Criminal Case in Infiltrated same as the ATO Toxic System easily Hijacked - Broken - Corrupted turned into perennial "Crime Scenes" Perversion of the Course of Justice Queensland Civil Courts and Court Houses (Federal Court, Brisbane in 2011 was also a Target due to the role of the ATO in this 24/7 "living" Fraud Game) where self-assessing self-referencing self-governing "no need for a Judicial Commission" Civil "Judiciary" also without any Accountability, same as ATO Public Servants, have been serving as Personal Offensive Weapons - Tools - Fraud Exposé Lockdown - Kaching Fraud March "bunnies" of Their Own I am not alleging, I am Screaming Fraudulent nefarious Legal Peers and Lay Criminals, Aides and Abettors "fronting" also for absent Legal and Lay Cohorts with no lawful and ethical right to be anywhere near these Gameplayed Civil "Judiciary", Civil Courts and Court Houses/Meeting Rooms funded with "double jeopardy" Proceeds of Fraud that these reprobates have insisted on steamrolling themselves down into with their briefcases and suit pockets stuffed with "stolen" Onerous Burden to Innocent Victims (of Crime) Privileged Immunity "Get Out of Jail Free" Passes of "Judiciary" (and Barristers) All the Time to My Full Personal and Economic Detriment I have been Trying held in Australia against my Will that I intended to live outside of as an Expatriate since 8 December 2000, serially Robbed and Abused in these Toxic Civil Courts and Court Houses that I have been being serially Forced into against my Will surrounded by Hostile Male Perpetrators (while "true to form" non-transparent Fraud Gameplay is also going down serially Behind the ATO's Locked Doors) to Take Back Control of my Life and Charitable Organisations' and our two Heavily Defrauded $Millions multi-asset Mackay Benefactorship Portfolios - Assets and Funds intended to Benefit Thousands of (needy) people including "Pay the Rent" to Indigenous Australians and Guarantee my Own Lifetime Economic (and Personal) Security out of the Hands of Highly Dangerous Unstoppable Male Legal and Lay Field Predators.

The Evidence that I have to Table to both Royal and Judicial Commissions that will bring Community and Legal Peer Shame, Debarment of Law Practice Certificates, possible loss of at least one Emerald Law Firm to its Partners, $High Millions Personal and Economic Damages Compensation Settlement Payouts to Myself and my Beneficiaries (what Price are multiple Lives) and, Today, I am certain lengthy Incarceration for the most Heinous and Unstoppable - that Dangerous abusive Toothless Watchdogs Refusing to Uphold their Mandate, Refusing to Provide Me with Aid, Protection and Witness, Refusing to Ensure Law, Ethics and Justice Prevails have Dismissed for Decades - is also available for Investigative Journalists to Expose.

It is an Indictment that my Fraud Exposé as a Supreme Court appointed Trustee Administering on behalf of Charitable Organisations and Myself a Heavily Defrauded Behind Queensland Law Firms' Locked Doors vulnerable $Millions multi-asset Deceased Estate Inheritance Trust Fund -- facing Firesales as direct consequence of long-term Hidden Fraud and nefariousness before I was Trustee - has been Concrete on the Table ever since mid-2001. As soon as Incriminating Fraudulent documentation wilful conscious Hidden from the Rockhampton Supreme Court on 15 December 2000 was in my possession that took SIX MONTHS for 2 Solicitors from Mackay Law Firm SR Wallace & Wallace and Myself to drag-out of fused-at-the-hipbone "insider" and "outsider" Legal and Lay Defrauders and Aides. My verbal and written Fraud Reports that the ATO has either Failed or Refused to act on have been Filed with the ATO since early 2010.

I have in my possession an irrefutable Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt voluminous blowing-out due to the Unstoppable Dirty Legal and Lay Players involved chronologically sequenced "forensic evidence" paper trail Discovery spanning Decades.

Mine is a Legal Maxim "Truth is a Defence in Law" Messenger's Story that cannot be reframed to be Slander and Defamation nor Impugning nor Threat nor Death Threat. 

The Palaszczuk Government in Denial has a clear Precedent available to it in the form of the circa 2002-2003 Beattie Government "Executive" - Attorney-General Rod Welford's Invocation of Powers of Intervention Precedent. That came after Media Heat from Investigative Journalists of the ilk of Walkley Award Winners Kerry O'Brien and Hedley Thomas was necessary to Expose the (then) Queensland Law Society (QLS) as an elitist, arrogant, contemptuous dismissive of valid Complainants Dangerous Toothless Watchdog over its own Legal Peers. To immediately (again) Invoke Powers of Intervention to Instal both Royal and Judicial Commissions. In endeavour to (again) Try to Protect vulnerable disenfranchised Legal Consumers - Victims and their Significant Others - the True Stakeholders. Against Unscrupulous members of the Queensland Legal Field. Against Queensland "Judiciary" being rendered Neither Capable nor Competent, Unable to Protect Themselves against Legal and Lay Criminals Controlling Their Courts and Court Houses, Let Alone Protect Innocents and Ensure that Law, Ethics and Justice will Prevail according to their Mandate. Against Dangerous abusive Unaccountable Watchdogs. The irony of the Beattie Government Intervention is that I believe I would have stood a better chance with the "changing of the guard" QLS than I ever did with its replacement an ostensible protective independent Watchdog in the Legal Services Commission (LSC). Throughout the long dangerous Tenure of LSC Commissioner John Briton he Refused both himself and his Staff "rubber-stamped" by the Crime and Misconduct Commission to take my Statement and Evidence on Queensland Legal Field Corruption.

Massive Personal and Economic Harm that could have been contained to a minimum never has been. I have been Forced to live my Life in constant Fear, under constant Threat - Personal and Economic Attack - ridiculed as a "Village Idiot" whom gets her queer jollies off making up nasty stories about good caring moral "clean hands" Men. Forced to live a Wasted Life in what amounts to a Forced "home detention" in a Town and Country that I intended to reside out of since 8 December 2000. 

My Freedom has been denied for Decades. My service Career as a qualified Social Worker - Counsellor and Benefactor has been Destroyed. It is Impossible to maintain healthy, functional relationships with Significant Others, even acquaintances when Entrapped down into an enduring Victimhood by an old-new-recycling "blood" Protectorate not obvious to most people that bears me serious Harm.

I have been held in the Heinous Crippling Grip of "unconscionable duress - robbery of capacity". My "precious mind" that should never be Tampered with has been serially mind-programmed. I have been divided and conquered. Proactive Slandered and Defamed. Stalked. Stymied. Sabotaged. Gameplayed. Stitched-up as the "Damned if I Do, Damned if I Don't" knock her down again and again until she can't get back up one more Time BoBo Doll Protagonist in a depraved ambulance chasing "necrophiliac Graverobbing" 24/7 "living" Fraud Game so that insatiable greed power lust can be satisfied without any Legal or Lay Criminal or Aide ever being made Accountable under the Law and Ethics.

My 82 year old seriously ill Mother was manipulated for some three weeks in her virtual Deathbed by two Charlatans acting out a moral, caring, lawful, protective Charade over her, before they seized Control of Charities' and my already Heavily Defrauded before its inception Trust Fund. These reprobates acted out the exact same moral, protective Charade when they, funded with "double jeopardy" Fraud Proceeds, Tried to Prevent my Feared "insider knowledge" Trusteeship 5 years later in the Rockhampton Supreme Court where they Forced on a wholly unwarranted "Crime Scene" Hearing to achieve this end. They also attempted to Stop the Trusteeship of Robert Spencer then Senior Partner of SR Wallace & Wallace now Cairns Regional Co-ordinating Magistrate. If they had succeeded in Stopping my Trusteeship, it would have been Impossible for me or anyone to ever Table my Fraud Exposé.

When I Called-Out my Fraud Exposé in mid-2001 further Criminal Offence was committed with a Dangerous False Police Report being knee-jerk revengeful Filed with Queensland Police Service - Mackay Criminal Investigation Branch by the Second Wife of Charities' and my Fraudulent Trustee whose Lifestyle, Residential and Business Interests he has funded with Predatory Fraud of Innocents. Falsely claiming that I had made a "Death Threat" against her poor "clean hands" innocent Husband after I had informed that there would be "consequences" for what I had found as incoming Trustee. My Call-Out was only as my Barrister predicted "Winner won't give up Trusteeship because he's frightened of what you will find." Greg Greinke of Mackay Public Trustee Office, familiar with our Trust Fund, told me that he also would have "actioned" if our Trust Fund had come to him in the state it did me. Ever since mid-2001 the Incriminating Fraudulent documentation Hidden from the Rockhampton Supreme Court, when it couldn't be Hidden any longer, has been re-framed "bona fide" Lawful grounded on its illegal non-transparent stitch-up and registration Behind Locked Doors and been waved at Civil "Judiciary" and ATO Public Servants - Litigator(s) ever since - Fraud Game "pumping".

The Victimhood that has been Imposed on Me would be Toxic Anathema to any moral functional person. It has taken a Heavy Toll on me because it has been so Enduring and is intended to remain a Constant Toxic until I Die. I am now Highly Traumatised, seriously Mental and Physical Debilitated. The Medical Field will "speak" for me as the Legal Field has not.

My inalienable Legal and Ethical Rights have been Fully Denied and Violated in a Democratic Country Australia, in the State of Queensland's Magistrates, District, Supreme and Appeals Civil Jurisdiction Courts where Compromised Civil "Judiciary" Unable to ever Know True Facts and Circumstances have Not been Trying my "Fraud Never Goes Out of Time" Criminal Case with a Jury. The Federal Court of Australia has also been a Target. Criminal Jurisdiction Courts, High Court of Australia would not be Immune from Attack by the dis-eased mind "hack" Players Controlling this Fraud Circus - Farce - Travesty - Debacle whom queerly believe that Corruption even over their own highly vulnerable disenfranchised Primary Clients, funded with "double jeopardy" Fraud Proceeds, Destroying valuable Benefactorship Portfolios, pitting themselves and resources of Law Firms and Barristers' Chambers against an Innocent Woman Slandered and Defamed to have little competency, to be "not the full picnic" proves their (legal) smarts to themselves and Others. Moral Bankrupts. Not even a shred of self Respect.

I have been serially stitched-up, "Hung Out to Dry" and am intended to "Take the Fall" for, "Cop Sweet" all the serious far-reaching Dire consequences of Others' Unstoppable Criminality. Where nothing is as it has been made to seem. Corruption is "topsy-turvy" made to appear "clean hands" Opposite.

I did not know when I accepted my Inheritance intended to Benefit Thousands of people that it was already a "poison chalice" and I had been a bulls-eye Target of a Dangerous Male Predator, along with members of my Family, for multiple Years. I did not know when I cancelled my Flight out of Australia and responsibly Applied for Trusteeship so that I could Protect Charities' and my valuable Trust Fund into the long-term Future against this Predator, Charities' and my Trustee whom I had alarm bells clanging on, that my Trusteeship - Fraud Exposé would open up a Pandora's Box that has never been able to be Shut again. I did not even know there was a depraved Fraud Game going down by members of the Legal and Lay Field in collusion. I did not know there were Nests of hidden Vicious Vipers that would be flushed-out and the Nests would "fuse" and grow bigger every Year as "like" attracted "like". I most definitely did not know that this Fraud Game would rev up to the massive proportion that it has for so many "killer" years and wreak the Havoc it has in my Life and Economy. 

My feared "insider" Fraud Exposé - the reason why I have been bulls-eye Targeted more than Half my Lifetime (I am 59) by the Master Puppeteer of this Heinous Fraud Game - is able to "topsy-turvy" Lies back to Truth in Royal and Judicial Commissions and in the Media. This is where I now look for my Protection.

It is an Indictment that very few whom have had the Power have had the will to Stop this "feeding frenzy" pack mentality Personal and Economic Attack that they know has been going down over an Innocent Woman. Let alone any intention to ever see my Perpetrators - Legal Peers made Accountable. I ask you, how can a Criminal Case "topsy-turvy" in the Civil Jurisdiction for 15 Years, and counting? This Kaching Fraud Game Controlled at its Pinnacle by a limited intellect, limited education, no qualifications of note but rotten to his inner core Highly Dangerous Lay Male Predatory Stalker whom is as contemptuous (angry at, jealous) of the "tall poppy" lucrative charging Legal Field that has been fuelling and tanking him up as he is of the Law and Ethics has just been allowed to roll interminably on and on and on. My Legal Maxim "Fraud Never Goes Out of Time" Criminal Case clearly informs that both Royal and Judicial Commissions are long Overdue in Queensland, Australia.

Serious Investigative Journalists wanting to Expose this Abomination can reach me through the Facebook or Twitter Links. I would appreciate your Help.

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