Attorny General please bring in Sophie's Law to protect all unborn babies.

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I was 39 weeks pregnant when a drunk driver on drugs crashed into my car - as a result of this accident my baby died. I gave birth to her still body. But despite this reckless drunk causing the accident in which my baby died, he only received a pathetic $950 fine and a 5 month driving suspension. It’s been hell. Instead of bringing my baby girl home I had to plan her funeral - I was that close to the end of my pregnancy. And now the man responsible gets away with it because she was stillborn and has no rights in a court of law. I want that law changed. I want all babies of any gestation to have the right to be classed as a human being. I want pregnant women protected against acts of violence and against their babies dying because of an avoidable cause. Sophie should be alive but because of a careless act caused by a driver that does not care, he holds no responsibility for his action and walks free. All babies born past 20 weeks gestation need to have a birth certificate, a death certificate and also a funeral. So why is it that only in a court of law, does a baby have no rights to be counted? This petition is to give a voice to a little baby who will never take her first steps. Please, please support me by signing and sharing it to introduce Sophie’s Law. Thank you, Sarah. NB: Please note I do not want to affect a woman's right to abortion or have a pregnancy terminated for any medical reasons.