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Attorney General of Romania,Prefect of Dojl, ANSVSA - JUSTICE for MENSHE - SAVAGELY KILLED in his neighborhood in CRAIOVA Romania, Oct.2013

We, are in total disbelief, that NO day passes by without news of HORRIBLE CRIMES against animals being committed in Romania..

The killing of a dog, in his own neighborhood, IN a Romanian City - Craiova, is a despicable crime...? 

We aks for the HARSHEST punishes stipulated in the Romanian Laws in Force, the law for the Protection of animals, 9/2008 where the INTENTIONAL KILLING of an animals is punished with PRISON TERM and also the harshest punishement base on the law regarding the use of FIRE ARMS.

Update : after the autopsy the cause of death was BEATING TO DEATH and stubbing


Romania has become a disgrace for the way animals, and especially dogs, are treated, and THIS CRIME MUST BE PUNISHED at the FULL EXTEND of the law.

We can not accept any kind of superficial work done by the Romanian Police.

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  • Digi24 Media
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    Chief Commissioner
  • Craiova Police
    Chief Commissioner
  • Office of the Dolj Prefect
    Prefect of Craiova
  • Stirile Sudului

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