Create a charge of bullying causing death in Queensland (Dolly's Law)

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There is an increase in young people taking their lives after being bullied either face to face or online (cyberbullying). This was bought into the mainstream this week when 14 year old Amy "Dolly" Everett, the face of Akubra took her own life after a protracted campaign against her. The effects of bullying a lifelong or at worst life ending.

A charge of bullying occasioning death with penalties similar to that of manslaughter would make bullies, whether they be schoolyard, corporate, sporting or online think twice and hopefully curb their actions for fear of being penalised.

If people can be charged for other irresponsible actions causing death such as "Dangerous Operation Of A Motor Vehicle Occasioning Death" Or Industrial Manslaughter then why not bullying?

Therefore, we the undersigned, call on the Honourable Attorney General Yvette D'ath to develop and institute a charge of "Bullying Occasioning Death" as soon as practicable.