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Please investigate the actions of ASPA Bucharest, decided by Razvan Bancescu. Va rugam sa dispuneti deschiderea unei anchete minutioase in actiunile ASPA Bucuresti, ordonate de Razvan Bancescu

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TO all Romanian and Foreign Authorities

Tuturor Autoritatilor Romane si Europene mentionate 

We have been shocked by the raid ordered by Razvan Bancescu from ASPA Bucharest in a private shelter where 90 dogs , steriziled, vaccinated, with passports and adoptive families abroad where kept until their departure to their new homes. We are OUTRAGED by the savagery shown by Razvan Bancescu' employees...we found out that they KILLED 4 dogs. We found out that 15 of those dogs they confiscated ( most likely ILLEGALY ) were there recuperating after surgeries. ASPA action was barbaric and this is unacceptable for a civilized country,member of the EU.

AM fost SOCATI de RAIDUL , ilegal, terorizant, abuziv sustinut de hingherii de la ASPA in data de 21 Martie 2014 la Adapostul inchiriat de Fundatia Vier Pfoten la ADP Sectorul 6. In timpul acestor actiuni barbare si ilegale hingherii ASPA au confiscat 90 de caini, toti vaccinati, sterilizati si sponsorizati de viitori lor adoptatori din strainatate. 4 caini au fost ucisi de hingheri la fata locului. Politia Locala care a insotit hingherii a stat acolo si s-a uitat cum acestia torturau si ucideau animalele...!5 din cei 90 de caini erau in recuperare dupa operatiile de sterilizare. Actiunea ASPA este de un barbarism inacceptabil pentru o tara civilizata membra a UE. 
This is NOT how laws are supposed to be applied in Romania and it is OBVIOUS that Razvan Bancescu from ASPA does not intend to apply any law.  Nu asta se aplica legile pentru animale , adr este evident deja ca Razvan Bancescu nu intentioneaza sa aplice nici o lege.    We ask for his IMMEDIAT DISMISSAL and for a full and severe investigation into all ASPA's activities> We ask that Razvan Bancescu be also investigated for the arbitrary decisions he took, a faulty supervision of teh dog catchers he hired, the cover up of the cruelty to animals committed by them, the illegal publishing of people names without their written authorizations nor an order from a judge.  We ask for a full investigation of all ASPA activities since Razvan Bancescu was hired and the verification of the legality of all his decicions and orders he gave to the dog catchers.

We  Cerem demiterea imediata a lui Razvan Bancescu din functia de Project Manager ASPA si punerea lui sub cercetare pentru decizii arbitrare, coordonare defectuoasa a hingherilor angajati de el, trecerea sub tacere a actelor de cruzime asurpa animalelor de care se fac angajatii pe care ii plateste cu 219lei/caine capturat.=, difuzarea ielgala a datelor cu caracter personal al persoanelor care au adoptat de la adapost, publicarea lor fara consimtamantul scris al acestora sau fara ordin de la judecatorie. Cerem o investigatie completa a tuturor actiunilor ASPA de la angajarea lui Razvan Bancescu si verificarea legalitatii si constitutionalitatii tuturor deciziilor luate de el si a tuturor ordinelor date hingherilor.  

We ask for all dog catchers who participated in the horrific actions on March 21 2014 be FIRED IMMEDIATELY and charged with cruetly to animals, based on the Law 9/2008   

Cerem ca toti hingherii care au participat la actiunea barbara din data de 21 Martie 2014 sa fie concediati si pusi sub urmarire penala pentru cruzimi asupra animalelor si uciderea a 4 caini, in baza Legii 9/2008 pentru protectia animalelor.   Please take a look at what happened.
LOOK what they did....

For more information abous this OUTRAGEOUS raid please contact Vier Pfoten Foundation Bucharest.

Pentru mai multe informatii referitoare la acest raid BARBAR si ILEGAL , va rugam sa contactati Fundatia Vier Pfoten Bucharest.

Please take in consideration the latest public statements made by Razvan Bancescu, who inteds to obstruct adoptions from the public shelters in Bucharest  coordinated by ASPA. Based on which law, can Razvan Bancescu ban people from adopting dogs? He needs an order issued by a judge,even if someone abandoned a dog, he still needs an order from a judge. Razvan Bancescu does not want to take in consideration that a dog ca also get lost, and run away, yet he presents the situation in a manipulative way, as if all the dogs he might find back on the streets has been abandoned.

VA rugam sa luati in considerare si ultimele declaratii publice facute de Razvan Bancescu referitor la interzicerea adoptiilor in cazul in care o persoana a abadonat un caine. Dansul NU se gandeste si la posibilitatea ca un caine sa se piarda, sau sa fuga, sa sara un gard si sa fie gasit din nou pe strada...dansul considera totul ca abandon, dar pentru a interzice cuiva sa mai adopte caini, trebuie sa aiba un ordin dat de un judecator pentru persoana respectiva. si toate declaratiile tendentioase facute de acesta in Media Romana din luna Septembrie si pana in prezent.

ABUSE of power...decision taken ONLY by Razvan Bancescu from ASPA, without any warrant issued by a judge 

"Lista celor care nu mai au voie sa adopte de la ASPA: Abuz de putere, a lui Razvan Bancescu lista facuta fara ordin judecatoresc asupra celor mentionati.Va rugam sa verificati LEGALITATEA acestei decizii UNILATERALE .

Is it legal to publish people who have not been found guilty of any crime, in any court of law, not only on the site of ASPA, not only on the site of Bucharest Town Hall, but in the media ?

Este Legal sa se publice liste cu nume de persoane care Nu au fost gasite vinovate de nici o crima in nici un tribunal din Romania, pe site-ul ASPA< pe site-ul Primariei Bucuresti si sa fie data mediei ?

Last but not least ...Razvan Bancescu took the freedom to give to the Police the personal information of people who adopted dogs, and sent the local police at those people homes. This is ILEGAL. Those who adopt dogs, do not sign a consent to have their private information given to the Police, only the the National Dog  Registry. Thus Razvan Bancescu deliberately violates  rights and discriminates against them. He violates people Constitutional, Civil and European Fundamental Rights and also the Law for the safety of private information. If necessary we will inform the European Commission for Justice and Fundamental Rights

De asemenea trebuie sa luati cunostinta de faptul ca Razvan Bancescu transmite informatiile personale ale adoptatorilor la politie fara ca aceastia sa si semnat ca accepta acest lucru. Dansul trimite Politia acasa la adoptatori fara ca aceasta clauza sa fie mentionata pe foile de adoptie. Aceats este o VIOLARE DELIBERATA a drepturilor oamenilor asa cum sunt stipulate in Constitutia Romaniei, Codul Civil, Legea pentru protectia informatiilor cu caracter personal si Carta Drepturilor Fundamentale Europene.  Aveti datoria sa-l opriti pe Razvan Bancescu de a mai trimite datele personale la Politie, si sa atrageti atentia Politiilor din toata TARA CA NU AU DREPTUL sa faca asa ceva. In caz contrar vor informa Comisia Europeana pentru Justitie si Drepturi Fundamentale.  

How come ONLY people who adopt dogs from Public Shelters are being checked by the Police, and those who BUY dogs from Pet Stores or from Breeders are NOT being checked by Police. This is DELIBERATE DISCRIMINATION.

Cum se face ca persoanele care cumpara caini de la magazinele de specialitate sau de la crescatori NU sunt verificate de Politie ? Ceea ce se face cu persoanele care adopta din adaposturile de stat este DISCRIMINARE.  

It becomes more and more obvious that R Bancescu from ASPA has placed himself ABOVE all the laws...He has been given free light to do whatevere he wants. It has come to our attention that he intends to BAN adoptions by registered has become more and more obvious that he intends to KILL AS MANY DOGS AS HE POSSIBLE CAN in the shelters beloning to the Bucharest City Hall... Devine din ce in ce mai evident faptul ca Razvan Bancescu s-a plasat deasupra legilor. I s-a dat libertatea de a face ce vrea. Este din ce in ce mai evident faptul ca intentiile sale sunt numai de a ucide cat mai multi caini posibil si de a obstructiona adoptiile pe toate caile.  

We are appaled by the fact that Police has beed dispatched to protect the dog catchers instead of taking action to stop the cruelty committed against animals and the ABUZIVE action ordered by Razvan Bancescu. Suntem socati de faptul ca Politia Locala a fost trimisa sa protejeze hingherii in timp ce acestia comiteau ilegalitati si acte dr cruzime asupra animalelor. cerem pedepsirea tuturor Politistilor prezenti la ADP in data de 21 Martie 2014 pentru neluarea masurilor necesare pentru oprirea hingherilor care torturau si ucideau animale in fata lor.   

We ask that all those who committed illegal acts on March 21 st 2014, be investigated and punish at the full extend of all Romanian Laws

Cerem ca toate persoanele care au comis ilegalitati, inclusiv cel care le-a dat ordin sa fac asa ceva, sa fie pedepsite in modul cel mai sever.   

We also ask for a full investigation of all the documents regarding the capture of almost 10,000 dogs as Razvan Banescu declared in the media recently.
Cerem verificarea documentelor tuturor celor 10,000 de caini declarati capturati de ASPA, in media, de catre Razvan Bancescu.
For all of the above we ask for the dismissal of Razvan Bancescu from ASPA Bucharest 

Pentru toate abuzurile comise si ordonate de Razvan Bancescu  cerem dmiterea sa de la ASPA Bucuresti si punerea sa sub urmarire penala pentru cele expuse mai sus.  

We thank you for your attention.

Multumim pentru atentie.

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