Keep Anthony Lauritsen (my cousin) behind Bars, He Murdered His Own Grandma!

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Link above is the interview I did with 7 news! 

Do you want a Monster living next door to you? I am sure as Hell I don’t want him ever to be released!

Please help keep the Monster Anthony Lauritsen (my cousin) behind bars, we don’t want him in our community, do you want him in your neighbourhood?

This man brutally murdered my grandma, and they think he is now ready for release, what a joke! I want him in jail for the remainder of his life, he took the life of his own grandma, and I believe he should never be released, I need your help to show the powers to be that this is not something that should be taken lightly! You can’t rehabilitate evil! 

This horrible crime has affected so many people not just our family members but our friends and the service men and women and everyone involved along with the bystanders, the primary school (Calista) as the principle found him in the car park and our family friends that cleaned the house in the aftermath, it’s not a thing we as a family like to relive but unfortunately we have to, My dad (Johnnyboy) is back in Hollywood as it affects him really bad so his is in the best place with all the support and medical help he needs, it has shattered our hearts! I just don’t want any other family to have to go through this ever it’s just totally horrible, and I think if a crime like this is committed the victims should have more rights and the criminal so be held responsible for the remainder of their life, conditions to parole in this case need to be addressed, as its not like he has any family support! So it’s unbelievable that he should even be able to be involved in the rehabilitation process, this is why we need to have our voice heard �