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Petitioning Governor of Texas Greg Abbott and 8 others

Attorney General Greg Abbott: Call for a hearing to investigate Lt Gov Dewhurst and Gov Perry

We are calling for an investigation of the altering of the time stamp for the vote on Texas State Bill 5.  On 6/26/13 the time stamp was altered to show that the vote on SB5 was completed before the midnight deadline on 6/25/13.  We believe that Lt Gov Dewhurst and Gov Perry have altered official records to make a vote go their way.  Even though the record was changed back to the original state, the crime still stands.  This incredible amount of fraud cannot be ignored.  Politicians need to be honorable and honest.  We cannot allow them to go unpunished.  We need to stand up, as a nation, and demand that Dewhurst, Perry and anyone else who helped perpetrate this disgusting act be held accountable for their actions.  This is not an issue of people being pro-life or pro-choice, this is an issue of high ranking officials breaking the law, committing fraud, and not being punished. 

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