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No One is Above the Law - prosecute Albuquerque cops who use unreasonable deadly force

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Albuquerque police have shot and killed 27 people since 2010. That’s eight times the rate of deadly police shootings in New York City.

One of those people was my son, Kenneth, a 25 year-old Iraq war veteran and father. Although it’s been four years since my son was shot to death by a police officer in the parking lot of a convenience store, our family continues to be devastated by his unjust murder.

A judge ruled that the use of deadly force by the officers who killed my son violated his constitutional rights. Yet these officers haven’t been held accountable. And the same is true for the officers who killed other members of our community.

A recent investigation conducted by the Department of Justice concluded that most of the police shootings that took place in the city between 2009 and 2012 were unconstitutional and that police officers often used deadly force when it wasn’t necessary. The DOJ found that there is an ongoing pattern of “excessive and fatal force” yet these officers aren’t being held accountable.

Local and state prosecutors work closely with the local and state police departments because they often depend on police testimony to win cases. That means local prosecutors cannot be expected to hold those same police officers, their trusted colleagues, accountable for criminal acts.

Because of this conflict of interest, we need federal prosecutors to take over the investigation so that there can be justice for all of our families.

When the families of those killed at the hands of APD have inquired about the status of criminal charges, we’ve been told that the DOJ is working on these matters and to be patient. We’ve been patient for several months and even for several years but haven't gotten any answers and certainly no justice.

Sign this petition asking Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate and prosecute all of the Albuquerque police officers who have unconstitutionally shot and killed members of our community.

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