Separate Louisville from Jefferson County in Kentucky

Separate Louisville from Jefferson County in Kentucky

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Tyler Lewis started this petition to Attorney General Daniel Cameron and

Everyday us citizens of Non-Louisville, Jefferson County Kentucky pay taxes to a city we don’t actually live in. The suburbs are getting tired of doing this because the city of Louisville, KY forced its suburbs to pay for its welfare state. For example, the Highlands gets city trash while the outlying areas (e.g.: Anchorage, Fairdale, Fern Creek, Highview, Hikes Point, Iroquois, Jeffersontown, Middletown, Newburg, Okolona, Petersburg, Portland, PRP, Shively, and Valley Station etc.) have to pay for an individual trash company despite the fact that we pay the same taxes for the trash service. We are also tired of not having a say in our own taxes and cities because Louisville tries to force its urban rules onto the suburbs and rural areas of Jefferson County and in doing so are causing a major population shift into Bullitt, Shelby and Oldham Counties which are traditionally farm lands due to an aggressive city government that had forcibly took over the county government. Lastly it would help with the distribution of the police, firefighters, and EMTs due to some areas not needing as many as other areas of the county.

Actions petitioned for:

1.     The immediate separation of Louisville from Jefferson County and the restoration of Louisville and its suburbs as separate entities within Jefferson County.

2.     The restoration of the Jefferson County government to oversea the county as a whole and to keep the budgets of each parts balanced.

3.     The redistribution of county funds back to the individual cities and towns within Jefferson County.

4.     Reduction of taxes back to pre-merger 2003 levels for the county as a whole.

5.     The election of individual city governments within the county.

6.     A restoration of the boarders of jurisdiction within the county.


Benefits if Actions are taken:

1.     Louisville and Jefferson County would be more in line with world class cities such as Atlanta, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Miami, Omaha, and Phoenix.

2.     The police force, firefighters, and EMTs would have the right funding for their respective areas.

3.     The reduction of taxes in certain areas

4.     Louisville can focus more on redevelopment of its West and East ends.

5.     Less restrictions on home types and what you can have in your yard.

6.     More control over individual parts of the county by the suburbs.

7.     Also, you can go to a school within your own neighborhood.

8.     More even distribution of the police and firefighters

In Conclusion the Jefferson County-Louisville merger was an experiment gone wrong, an experiment that should’ve never happened. I hope you understand our frustrations at this inconvenience.

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