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On November 3rd, 2012, my friend Nikki Dudley was days away from returning from her Air Force deployment when she found out her 21-month-old son Evan was in critical care. Nikki rushed home to find that Evan was in a coma and was not expected to live. The doctors told her Evan’s condition was so severe that he would have had to fall from an 8-story building, straight down to sustain such injuries. Evan died in Nikki’s arms two days later.

Evan died 10 months ago and Nikki still doesn't know what happened the day her son was taken to the hospital. I started a petition asking Attorney General Beau Biden’s office to complete their investigation to bring justice to my friend.

Nikki left Evan with two military families she trusted while on deployment. She received regular updates from his daycare saying Evan was doing well and she spoke to him every day on Skype. Evan was in the care of one of the families when he sustained his injuries that ultimately killed him. The person who was looking after Evan told 911 that the boy fell down eight carpeted stairs, but his death certificate indicates that the immediate cause of death was "blunt force injury to the head" and that Evan "was assaulted to death."

An investigation into Evan's death has been ongoing for nearly a year, and Nikki still doesn’t know how her son died. 

She's even called the attorney general's office but is brushed off when she asks for more information in Evan’s case. Nikki's been patient, but it's been 10 months since Evan died and no one has been held accountable. Join me in asking Attorney General Biden's office to complete their investigation and bring justice to my friend and her son.

Letter to
State of Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden
Justice for Evan J Dudley

I've created this petition to try to assist my friend, Nikki Dudley, in seeking justice for the murder of her son, Evan J Dudley. Evan was brutally murdered while in the care of friends during Nikki's deployment with the USAF and no one has been held accountable to date. Meanwhile, Nikki is in agony, grieving over the tragic loss of her son, and seeing no resolution to his case.
This case has dragged on for 9 months with little to no progress and this is unacceptable to myself and everyone else who knows them. We are begging for some sort of forward movement, charges to be filed, and an arrest to be made so that this grieving mother, who has been robbed of her beautiful little boy, may somehow put the pieces of her heart back together to gain some semblance of peace.

One brutal act has changed multiple lives forever and I pray that the justice system will pull through for this family. It is my hope that spreading the word to shed some light on this case will help.

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