Demand Florida Attorney General Investigate FPL

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We the undersigned ask Ashley Moody, Attorney General of Florida, to initiate an investigation into the business practices of NextEra Energy and Florida Power & Light (FPL). FPL, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy, is engaged in aggressive, predatory and unlawful practices that use ratepayer funds from their regulated utility to protect, grow and enhance their monopoly at the expense of Florida’s consumers and citizens. These practices, if allowed to continue, will be adopted by other Florida utilities and will expand across the state.

The outrageous use of ratepayer funds to enter into new for-profit businesses, thwart competition and lobby to protect their monopoly advantage amounts to a regulated utility monopoly using ratepayer funds not for the benefit of ratepayers but in violation of their interests. NextEra and FPL are actively engaged in ongoing practices that knowingly misappropriate regulated utility public assets including using them to improperly expand into private for-profit markets, compete unfairly with local businesses, control markets and prices through predatory practices, use ratepayer utility funds to pay for lobbyists to protect their monopoly and profits, and misuse and abuse their monopoly power and influence to undermine the public interest.

We urge the Attorney General of Florida to immediately investigate these business practices on behalf of Florida’s citizen ratepayers and taxpayers who deserve to be protected from the misuse and abuse of regulated monopoly utilities.