Make A Registry for People Who Influence Children to Lie About Sex Crimes

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A registry should be made for people who influence children to lie about sex crimes to level the playing field. This crime is running rampant in our court system today. Put some accountability with the investigation of sex abuse cases. I am all for the punishment of real sex offenders. However, there is no punishment at all for people who really encourage children to fabricate sex crime stories, bring them into their office multiple times to get the answers they wanted. This causes and encourages the children to lie just to get them off their back. This clearly happened in my case. They make the children really believe that they got molested, because all they want is to advance their political carrier. NO MATTER HOW MANY LIVES they ruin. Also, if the investigation turns out to be malicous, then they should be charged with a crime. They should be put on a registry for life letting everyone know that they influenced a child to make up a story on Child Sexual Abuse. If you bring the child in, they say nothing happened then the case should be dropped. No questions asked. All parties (Defendant and Accusers) should be required to take a polygraph test. If the accuser doesn't want to take a polygraph test, it should be assumed that they are hiding something.  Check out my website and you will see one of the craziest cases you have ever seen and how it has destroyed a good persons and his families lives because of a false allegation. All parties should be held accountable for their actions. However, if an adult puts the children up to lying, there needs to be severe punishment for people who influence children to lie about sexual abuse. If a child is taken to be examined, there should be no second chances to get them to say what they wanted them to say. The people involved in my case had to bring them in THREE times so they could get it right. My website will show you why this law is so very desperately needed. I may have done 100 percent of my sentence, however, I will never give up until I am exhonerated. This case is a huge miscarriage of justice and would hate to see someone else go through what I have encountered.

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