Scenic Rim Regional Council - have now tortured our Bandit 3 years 9 days in a 1​.​2m cell

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On 11 September 2017 the Scenic Rim Regional Council unlawfully impounded my Daughters 18 month old pure bred, registered and non regulated Red Cattle Dog pup.

The Senior Ranger Kylie Addi made no effort to explain any process and her Ranger John Morrison claims he had complaints.

Ranger Addy advised us "we can keep him as long as we like"

The Council under leadership of Mayor, Greg Christensen has now kept him in a 1.2 m cell with no exercise for over 3 years 8 days and refuses visitation.

The ongoing torture has been ignored by Councillor Nadia Oconnell, CEO Scenic Rim Jon Gibbons  and the RSPCA Chairman Gary Humphries.

We had ongoing issues with our neighbours trying to release the pup and attack him with a homemade shiv due to barking.

The neighbour damaged the fence and his cattle dog entered our property.

Bandit was seized but not their cattle dog.

I need your help in getting a spotlight on this entrenched unlawful behaviour of the Scenic Rim Regional Council.

They are breaching the QLD Animal Management Act and the Animal Protection Act 2001.

Please help us get Bandit back home ASAP and sign the petition.