STOP Dollar General from building in Town of Egg Harbor


STOP Dollar General from building in Town of Egg Harbor

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Dollar General, a big box bargain chain store, after having been denied access to Sister Bay in December 2019 is now proposing to build a Dollar General at State Highway 42 and Hillside Road, in the Town of Egg Harbor, approximately 1 mile south of the Village of Egg Harbor, near the Egg Harbor Fun Park. Preliminary plans show 9,100-square-foot building with a 30 space parking lot, on a 2.5 acre lot. The building set back about 112 feet from the highway. Its main entrance is off Hillside Road.  

3 BIG Reasons to STOP Dollar General (DG) from building in Town of Egg Harbor                                                                               (DG=Dollar General)

1-Dollar General Aesthetic/Business Type does not fit Egg Harbor

People live in and visit Northern Door County/Egg Harbor for the natural beauty of the peninsula, the outdoor activities, the quaint villages and harbors, the rural setting, the cherry orchards, the wineries, the boutique shops/galleries and restaurants, among many other reasons.  

The size of the proposed DG is 9,100 square feet roughly the size of the Sister Bay Piggly Wiggly pre-expansion. Plus, 30 parking spaces. This is a huge building squeezed into a small 2.5 acre lot.

The DG buildings are warehouses with bright signage, bold exterior/interior lighting, inventory piled in the entryways with shopping carts, ice machines and more inventory located outside. The typical DG store hours are 8am to 9/10pm. This building would stand out in a very negative way and reflect poorly on Egg Harbor.

A DG Store is better suited for a more central shopping location such as Sturgeon Bay or further south.

Allowing a DG Store to build here will set a precedent for other Big Box Stores to follow.

2-Nearby Shopping Alternatives already exist:

Local Shops: Main Street Market, Greens ‘n Grains & Harbor Hardware (2-3 miles from proposed DG)

Sturgeon Bay Shops: Walmart, Dollar Tree, Pick n Save, Econo Foods, TJ Maxx, Target (12-15 miles from proposed DG)

Furthermore, the proposed DG would not be located in a pedestrian friendly area, as a result, most shoppers would be accessing it by car and could easily drive to the alternatives shops listed above.

3-Safety Concerns with Increased Traffic at Hwy 42/Hillside Road Intersection

The speed limit on Hwy 42 is 55 mph at this intersection. This means that many people drive 60-62 mph. There are many drivers on Hwy 42 who try to pass (over the center line or using the turn lanes) at this intersection .

During the peak season it’s already difficult to exit Hillside Road onto Hwy 42.

There have  been car accidents and near misses on Hwy 42 near the Egg Harbor Fun Park and this intersection.

The proposed DG Main Entrance off Hillside Road is still very close to Highway 42.  There will be dangerous challenges related to semi trucks and large camper turning radius. Traffic could back up and bottleneck the intersection.  One large camper stopped at the stop sign on Hillside Road would basically block the DG driveway.

Furthermore, there is a blind spot caused by a hill on Hillside Road east of the proposed DG Driveway. This makes entering and exiting the proposed DG parking lot dangerous.

Frontier Wilderness Campground is located on Hillside Road about 2 miles from the Hwy 42 intersection and has approximately 230 sites, many of which are used by RVs and campers who need a wide turning radius to navigate the Hwy 42/Hillside Road intersection. Increased traffic will make this difficult and could lead to more accidents.  Even worse, would be a large camper making the turn off Hwy 42 onto Hillside Road and then trying  to enter the proposed DG parking lot with other traffic trying to exit the DG Parking lot or other traffic backed up at the Hillside stop sign. Traffic could back up on Hwy 42.

An in-depth traffic study should be required on the Hwy 42/Hillside Road intersection to identify these and other safety concerns and to evaluate seasonal traffic flow in light of the proposed Dollar General.



This petition made change with 3,046 supporters!