Save Steve Delhomme in Catherine: Full Body!

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Hey Atlus.  It's me.  Steve Delhomme.  Yeah, I can still talk even after you killed me.  Being Catherine's table ornament is fun and all, but I'd really like to live again.  You know how you could show your appreciation for me showing Vincent the ropes at the beginning of your precious game?  Not killing me.  There's a theme here!

So I see you plan to release Catherine: Full Body soon.  Great!  I can't wait to chase after my Catherine with Vincent again.  You know what would be super cool of you guys?  Adding an option (DLC?) where the player can fight that Vincent Demon or whatever and you know, me NOT be eaten by him.  That would be extra special.  I do have a Dentistry to go back to after all.  Think of the children.  But mostly me.  So hey, consider giving me a less eaten-by-Vincent ending in this new game, okay?  I'm critical to the plotline, but me dying is less so!  Think about it!

Truly yours,

Steve Delhomme

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