Demand a thorough investigation into the disappearance of MORGAN ARYN BAUER by Atlanta PD!

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Morgan Aryn Bauer traveled to Atlanta, Georgia on February 12, 2016 from Aberdeen, South Dakota, via a flight from Minneapolis, MN, with limited finances and a big dream of life in a large city. While she was traveling and after she had arrived in Atlanta, she maintained contact with close friends and family and posted as usual to her social media accounts. After a falling out with the people she found in Craigslist in Atlanta, she stayed in a few different hotels and acquired a job as a dancer at a club in Gainesville. While she had minimal cash on her at the time of her arrival in Atlanta, she was expecting her tax return to be loaded onto an H&R Block Card in her name. Suddenly, all contact with or from her stopped. She was last heard from on February 25, 2016.
Since her disappearance, investigation done has shown that her phone was last used on February 25, 2016. Her phone location was last pinged to the town where a couple, last been seen and admitted to being with Morgan around the time of her disappearance, lived at the time. Morgan’s last post on Facebook was a post about Club Tease, where she states, “And I work here!”. It was later found that the woman she was last seen with had also auditioned with Morgan the day of her disappearance and Morgan had offered to buy her license, as required for exotic dancers by the city of Atlanta.
Investigations have also discovered that the same couple had alarming posts on Facebook directly correlating to the time Morgan disappeared. They are menacing, and in one, the female even posts a meme “Bob likes to kill, Bob kills for fun” tagging her boyfriend. Minimal investigation has been done into this couple and the land they lived on at the time of the disappearance. Since this time, the couple have separated and live in other and separate states. They have never been formally cleared as suspects. A limited search was done at their previous location where Morgan's phone was pinged to, but was confined to a small area it was only searched once. While it is possible she may not be there, it is possible that this couple may still have answers about what happened to Morgan, maybe even setting her up to be trafficked or worse.
Morgan's investigation has been handed from Detective to Detective, and at times no Detective was assigned to her case at all. Morgan's mother, Sherri Sichmeller, took it upon herself to travel from Aberdeen to Atlanta and searched at length for her daughter. She hired her own Personal Investigator, who only hindered and deteriorated her search and used up valuable resources. She had a billboard put up. She handed out thousands of fliers. She has worked diligently asking any news outlet and missing persons organization she can to help her find Morgan. It is time that the proper investigation is launched.
The speculations and rumors that arose not only due to the Private Investigator but internet trolls as well, have severely damaged this investigation into Morgan's disappearance and the credibility of her story. While it is known and accepted that she wanted to move somewhere and start a new chapter in her life, it is beyond any kind of reason that she would not have reached out to someone by now. Almost 2 years have passed since anyone has seen or heard from Morgan. What 19/21 year old isn't going to call their best childhood friends, parents, siblings, or family whom they had regular contact with previously and leading up to out of nowhere? What TEENAGE GIRL from a town of a little more than 25,000 people in South Dakota with minimal money and resources, isn't going to more than likely need financial help at some point after two years time living in Atlanta?
Morgan has never been seen or heard from since. No solid or confirmed sightings have been reported. No remains of Morgan or her belongings have been found. Her cell phone has never been found, ping located, or turned on since. We cannot verify if her tax return was ever used. Her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media accounts all stop activity on or before February 25, 2016. She has never applied for a job in her name or done any kind of official documentation since she disappeared. She has never called a single family member or friend to wish a Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, or any other greeting. She has literally disappeared, without a trace it seems.
Information about Morgan can be found on NamUs, NCMEC, The Atlanta Police Department, Missing Morgan Facebook page, The Vanished Podcast Episode 98,,,,,, as well as several others. She has also been featured on several news stories, but most all of the stories are from almost two years ago when she first disappeared.
We, the People, are demanding a proper and thorough investigation into the disappearance of Morgan Aryn Bauer. We demand the couple who were last seen with Morgan be thoroughly investigated, as well as the property they were living at around the time of her disappearance and the surrounding area. We demand that investigators uncover the truth to what happened to her. We demand that it is determined if her remains are on the property or surrounding area. We demand that an active investigation into if she was possibly trafficked is completed. We demand that this does not remain a Cold Case. If the Atlanta Police Department and other involved Law Enforcement Agencies are satisfied with their investigation, then we demand they hand the case over to other authorities, including local law-enforcement, GBI, FBI and any other investigators willing to offer help and who will do their due diligence and find out the truth.

We demand answers in the name of Morgan Aryn Bauer.