Athleisure Brands: Add Plus-Size Mannequins to Stores

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Representation matters! We all deserve to take up space in the world. It is time for brands like Lululemon and Athleta to start featuring plus-sized mannequins in their store. This is an opportunity to show the world that fitness doesn’t stop at a certain size and that we all deserve to be represented. Athleta has stated that “inclusivity is core” to their brand and that they “consistently celebrate women of different shapes and sizes.” So why don’t their stores reflect that mission? Lululemon has consistently refused to be inclusive of plus-size women. So why don't they change the dialogue? 

I usually don’t find shopping in mainstream retail shops a life-affirming event. I am normally affronted with a homogenous representation of body types: thin, white, and superfit. Not too long ago, I visited the Nike Innovation Store. To my surprise, I was welcomed by a plus-sized mannequin at the front door- in plain, glorious view.

I am a yoga instructor and know how it feels to walk into a store and feel like the clothes on the mannequins aren’t for me. In 2017, Athleta made a commitment to add more shape and size diversity to their models. Now that they have added a handful of plus-sized models online, it’s time for Athleta to commit to using mannequins that reflect this diversity of sizes in their stores.

When I say plus-sized, I mean a body type that is most common in today’s society. This body type represents about 67% of all women, but is not the conventional type of mannequin we see in a fitness retailer!

People of size want to be represented. We are allowed to wear stylish, trendy, and comfortable athleisure clothing. We are here, and we deserve to be seen.

Body positivity starts with representation for all of us. ALL BODIES ARE GOOD BODIES. If customers can see themselves represented in clothing, it goes a long way to increase self-esteem and self-worth. #representationmatters

Now it is time to show up. Sign the petition and tell Athleisure brands like Lululemon and Athleta we expect more and we deserve to be seen!

Who is with me? Lululemon, Athleta, lead the way! Be the change! Put plus-sized mannequins in stores!