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Allow Google Wallet Tap To Pay To Function On Their Networks

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Isis mobile payment system is a joint venture involving the companies listed below which also includes Discover network and Barclaycard US. Nearly one year after Isis was founded AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile announced that they will invest more than $100 million dollars in Isis.

Around the time when Isis was founded the only other app that had such tap to pay features was Google Wallet which went by Google Checkout. Google Wallet has been blocked by the majority of carriers since it was released. The carriers would claim that Google Wallet was not secure because of certain technological features which was not true. At the time Verizon announced Isis as a partner they trumped up the same technological features they once dismissed about Google Wallet. At that time many Android phones had the secure element built in and would work properly with Google Wallet tap to pay features but carriers continued their misrepresentation of these functions. They also blocked users from downloading the Google Wallet app from the Google Play Store. Google fought back and released an updated version that allowed users to download the app but tap to pay was not working yet.

In Android 4.4.2 Google is doing the host card emulation where secure element is not part of the equation any longer. This means Google Wallet tap to pay will work on any NFC capable device that was running 4.4.2.


The carriers stepped again and are blocking the service because of their investment in Isis.

Visa, MasterCard and American Express have been in court with each other in the past because of Amex not being allowed to process transactions on the Visa/MasterCard network. In the end Amex received billions in compensation and were allowed on the Visa MasterCard network. Yet, they turn around and pull the same big business crap.

LG, HTC and Samsung are releasing new Android 4.4.2 updates to their top tier devices and will be standard on their recently announced flagship devices. The number of devices that Isis and their partners are blocking must be over 100 million plus devices which equates to end users who are being blocked from the choice of what tap to pay app they choose to use. Instead of choice our only option if we want to use tap to pay is Isis.

This is a blatant violation of anticompetitive behavior. A group of compqnies are blocking their one and only competitor and are creating an environment for a monopoly to take place.

This is no longer about blocking a single feature of an app. We must not have are freedom of choice be taking away on a device we own.

A wide spread of Android 4.4.2 updates is about to be distributed and all the Isis partners are ready to count the profits they will be making from their anticompetitive behavior.

So I , along with everyone who signs this petition ask Isis and all their partners to give us our choice of what app we would like to use.

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