Reopen investigation into the Murder of Lionel Lewis by Hibbing MN Police

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Please help us get Justice for Lionel Lewis! 

We are asking that there be an investigation into his death. 

We DEMAND that they reopen this case! 

 Lionel Lewis was murdered by Hibbing Minnesota police Officers, Kris Halvorson, Mike Douville and Brent Everett on July 14 2002.

Lionel, who was in an interracial relationship was having a verbal disagreement with his girlfriend when a white neighbor called the police.  

Officers, Kris Halvorson, Mike Douville and Brent Everett, arrived and immediately beat Lionel mercilessly. They then maced him, hog tied him and left him in back of a hot squad car to die! 

Lionel was left unresponsive for an hour and a half before a call was made for medical attention.

Reports later stated that Lionels death was related to drug use and mental illness, although he had never been diagnosed but he actually had asthma. 

The officers involved were not charged with his death and was sent on a paid administrative leave.  

Lionel’s mother hired a lawyer to take on the case but the lawyer that she hired ageeed to help then excused himself one month before the statue of limitation was up and took her money.