At least 2 trees per 1000 square feet agriculture land to fight drought and climate change

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While forests have received a lot of attention for their role in storing carbon, thus helping mitigate climate change, they could also help us to adapt to a changing climate and combat drought by influencing rainfall patterns.

As the climate changes, severe droughts are likely to become more common, and we shouldn’t miss the opportunities to influence the hydro-logic cycle in a beneficial way using trees. We know that trees in forests are the most efficient evaporate-transpirators out there. If we compare them to say agricultural land cover, trees can evaporate-transpirate twice as much as agricultural crops and about twice as much as water body surfaces.

So removing forests will have the biggest impact on cross-continental transport of water vapor and we human did this, Conversely, by planting trees in strategic locations, we may be able to increase rainfall in key areas.

That's why my suggestion is to pass a bill to certain plantation of at least 2 trees on the boundary of every 1000 square feet of agriculture land so that we will be able to fight drought and climate change on a very basic and large level.

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At Least 2 Trees on Boundary per 1000 Square Feet Agricultural Land