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Together we will end the trafficking of bear bile In south east Asia, these are plantigrade captured and sold to support these farms. This is why it remains so today little black bears in Asia, a species listed in Appendix 1of CITES, which all trade is strictly prohibited. Attached by a metal collar, these bears are locked day and night while lying in tiny cages in which they can not even turn around. Injuries to the head, legs and back, due to repeated rubbing against the bars of animal cages are visible on most of them. Between 10 and 20 ml of bile is extracted from each bear, twice a day. Their flan is crossed by a probe to collect their bile, causing terrible suffering. Most of the time, during the extraction of bile, and moan animals hit their heads against the bars and some bears will even chew their own paws. In this petition I ask the Chinese government an immediate ban on trade of bear bile in China and closing of the farms where they live mutilated, in agony.

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