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ASUS Make a stable update for the ASUS Zenfone 3 ZOOM S!

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As we know, the ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom S [500$ at Release phone] as been updated at Android 8.0
The new FW that is full of bug, problem and make the phone completely unusable, now ASUS has annunced that will be NO LOGER SW & Maintenance update, acting like a scammers because the released SW is absolutely a mess!

That's just incredible that a 500$ phone owner should use this phone like this, at least make a way to downgrade it at 7.0 i have no word to describe the ASUS's behavior releasing a BROKEN firmware pretending to be the LAST ONE.

Some of know issues:

  • Distorting Sound / Low sound quality
  • Depth Mode lagging and make the phone heat
  • Reverse charging warning popping out
  • Irritating and slow autofocus
  • Very low WiFi signal range
  • New update killed the quality of the Slow Motion mode
  • Front camera starting in Beauty mode
  • Settings app with lagging animation when exploring
  • Battery problem (poor battery life ect...)

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