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Prosecute Brandy Johnson

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Mia Caito was a beautiful 3 year old girl. She was born on July 2,2008. She was brutally beaten by her mothers boyfriend, Julian Gates, and she died from the injuries on January 27,2012. Mia will never have her 1st day of kindergarten. She'll never learn to ride a bike, celebrate another birthday, go to prom, or have her Daddy walk her down the aisle at her wedding. Mia was a little girl who could light up a room with her smile. She was loved by her father, aunts, uncles and cousins, and many others who were fortunate to have known her.

Mia's mother, Brandy Johnson, knew that Julian Gates had been abusing Mia. She knew her daughter could be in danger by staying with him. On the day that the fatal beatings occurred, Brandy Johnson was home when the first beating happened. She left her precious 3 year old daughter in the hands of a violent criminal, and she went to work. She did nothing at all to protect Mia from this heinous crime. For many hours, Julian Gates beat Mia. It started when Brandy Johnson was still home, because Mia refused to eat what was prepared for her. It continued throughout the day. She was beaten repeatedly, until her tiny body could endure no more. Neighbors spoke out after her death, saying that they heard the beatings all day. They heard Mia cry in fear and pain, yet they did absolutely nothing to help her!! Julian Gates sister stopped by the house and saw Mia laying on the floor, covered from head to toe in bruises, with soiled clothes. She contacted Brandy Johnson to let her know. Mia was dead upon arrival at the hospital.Her life ended brutally, because no one, including her own mother, stepped up to protect her.
While Julian Gates has been charged with Mia Caito's death, her mother, Brandy Johnson, has not been charged. We are petitioning to demand that Brandy Johnson be charged in the death of Mia Caito. She knew the abuse was going on, she had attempted several times to hide bruising on Mia. She was not a mother by any normal standards. She sent Mia to live with relatives for most of her short life. She only had her alone with her for less than a year before Mia was murdered.
We demand justice for Mia Caito. Justice will only prevail if ALL of those involved in the death of this beautiful child, be fully prosecuted by the State of Illinois.
There is nothing more heinous than to know that an innocent child has been murdered, and it could have been prevented. Brandy Johnson could have prevented her daughters death by simply stepping up and doing what a parent does, and that is, to protect her child. She failed her daughter in every way possible, and we, the undersigned, demand justice. We are not going to stop until Justice for Mia Caito has been served!

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