Hold Spirit Airlines Accountable!

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On January 21, I was flying from Atlanta to Detroit on Spirit Airlines. I was assaulted by the man sitting next to me, and the staff on my Spirit flight did absolutely nothing about it.  

I was sitting in the middle seat next to my friend and was resting on her shoulder trying to take a nap. I was awoken when I felt the passenger next to me touch me – I  thought it was an accident. But then he started rubbing my thigh and put his hand down the back of my pants. He was pleasuring himself under his coat while he touched me.   

I jumped up and yelled at the man to stop touching me, and called for the flight attendants. They told me if I had a problem, I should have moved. That’s how Spirit responds to someone who is panicking and telling you they’ve just been assaulted by a stranger on their plane? How do you disregard somebody like that?  

But it got worse. When the plane landed, Spirit didn’t call the police. They let everybody walk off the plane. They let the man who just assaulted me walk away and did nothing. I spoke to every flight attendant on that plane, and none of them helped me. On the way out, I told the pilot what happened, and he dismissed me, telling me to talk to the gate agent. 

This isn’t the first time this has happened on Spirit. A quick search pulled up two other cases similar to mine in just in the last few years. Spirit Airlines doesn’t care about people – they only care about profits.  

Every Spirit staff member on this flight needs to be held accountable, and Spirit airlines must train employees on how to deal with harassment and assault. This should NEVER happen to a passenger again. 

Spirit failed me. Sign my petition and let’s hold Spirit Airlines accountable for the safety of their passengers.