Following the assassination of Lokman Slim, filmmaker, political scientist and activist...

Following the assassination of Lokman Slim, filmmaker, political scientist and activist...

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...we, friends and close collaborators, in solidarity with his sister, Rasha al-Ameer, writer and publisher, and his wife, Monika Borgmann, journalist and filmmaker, invite you to co-sign our tribute and our firm request for an independent international investigation to shed light on his execution.

We are addressing this text to the Minister for European and Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, to Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission and to Mr. Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for foreign Affairs.


If it legitimately arouses indignation at international level, the execution of Lokman Slim, documentary filmmaker and Lebanese political scientist, on the night of last Wednesday the 3rd to Thursday the 4th of February, on a road controlled by Hezbollah, plunges us into our worst fear.

This noble and respected figure of scholarly and independent thought is no more. He was eliminated to take away his freedom of speech.

We pay tribute here to the imperious courage of an exceptional man, of an authentic resistance figure, serene in the world's tumult, unshakable in his humanism and openness. The loss is considerable, for the Lebanon as for all of us.

"Massaker" (2004) and "Tadmor" (2016), the two films co-directed with his wife, Monika Borgmann, unforgettable works which have been honored around the world, including in Beirut, were an impressive extension of their joint work on Lebanese memory.

This despicable act alerts us and incites us, with more energy than ever, to mobilize ourselves to fight against the sowers of hatred and the most common terrorists.

This murder is not only infamous, it is also revolting because this intractable fighter of corruption and confessionalism, far from preaching aversion, has always pleaded in favour of pluralism and democracy, desiring to go beyond the traumas of the past, and acting for the right to justice and truth.

It is also the most recent political symptom of a will, in whichever country, to repress - by imprisoning, by removing them - all the intellectuals and the artists who do not toe the line, troublesome witnesses of the disasters of the world.

We the undersigned, we join in the request for the establishment of an independent international investigation in order to discover and bring to justice the authors and possible sponsors of this ignominious assassination.

Friday, February 5, 2021



ACID - Association of Independent Cinema for its Distribution (France)
ADDOC - Documentary Filmmakers' Association (France)
Aflam - International cinema meetings (France)
Association Les Amis du Cinéma du réel (France)
SPI - Syndicate of Independent Producers (France)
SRF - Film Directors Society (France)

Hala Alabdalla, film-maker
Pierre Alt, producer
Sofia Amara, journalist
Alirul Arham, film-maker and producer
Philippe Avril, producer
Najwa Barakat, writer
Luciano Barisone, former director of Visions du Réel
Catherine Bizern, Delegate General of Cinéma du réel
Riccardo Bocco, professor IHEID
Bernard Bolze, founder-administrator of Prison Insider
Cédric Bonin, producer
Corinne Bopp, film programmer
Gilles Boulenger, distributor
Catherine Buresi, financial officer, INSAS
Gabriela Bussmann, producer
Marie-Michèle Cattelain, producer
Juliette Cazanave, film-maker and producer
Irène Challand, head of Documentary Film Unit of RTS 2001-2018
Sarah Chazelle, distributor
Fatma Chérif, film-maker
Antoine Courban, academic
Dominique Crèvecœur, film-maker and producer
Sami Daoud, writer
Michel David, distributor
Laurent Dené, producer
Jacques Deschamps, film-maker
Giovanni Donfrancesco, film-maker and producer
Jabbour Douaihy, writer
Brigitte Ducottet, producer
Rebecca Houzel, producer
Saeed Taji Farouky, film-maker
Emmanuel Georges, producer
Marie-Odile Gazin, producer
Arlette Girardot, film-maker and DOP
Serge Gordey, producer
Anne Grange, film-maker and producer
Denis Gheerbrant, film-maker
Frédéric Goupil, film-maker
Elizabeth Hulten, former commissioning editor Arte
Ahmad Issaoui, journalist
Hana Jaber, researcher
Sylvie Jezequel, author and producer, former programme director, ARTE France
Gladys Joujou, editor
Elias Khoury, writer
Talal Khoury, DOP and film-maker
Souad Labbize, poetess
Daniela Laccourreye-Elstner, executive director of UniFrance
François Ladsous, producer
Frédéric Laffont, film-maker
Louis Lapeyronnie, producer
Maha Laurens, researcher and psychotherapist
Jacques Laurent, former head of Documentary Film Unit of ARTE Geie
Ziad Majed, political researcher
Chibli Mallat, academic
Arnaud Mandagaran, film-maker
Farouk Mardam-Bey, writer and publisher
Romain Masson, film-maker and radio producer
Seamus Mc Swiney, producer
Alix François Meier, producer
Mathilde Mignon, film-maker
Anne de Mo, editor
Yov Moor, colorist
Caroline Moreau, producer
Nadine Naous, film-maker and producer
Dalia Obeid, public health professional
Etienne Ollagnier, distributor
Mariana Otero, film-maker
Dominique Pâris, editor
Jean Perret, reviewer and essayist, former director of Visions du Réel
Monique Peyriere, La Revue Documentaires
Catherine Rascon, editor
Jean-Pierre Rehm, Delegate General of FIDMarseille
Mathieu Rolin, producer
Katia Saleh, film-maker
Fares Sassine, academic
Denis Séchaud, sound mixer
Abraham Segal, film-maker
Sara Srage, film-maker
Alex Szalat, President of Docs Up Fund
Talal Tohme, journalist
Cristiana Tullio-Altan, editor
Agnès Trintzius, producer
Franck Vialle, director of Films en Bretagne
Vanina Vignal, film-maker
Olivier Zuchuat, film-maker and editor



Born in Lebanon, Lokman Slim studied philosophy in Paris. Back in his native country, he founded with his sister Rasha El Ameer, the Dar al-Jadeed Publishing house through which he offers the means to communicate with the public to recognized, novice and controversial writers.

In 2001 with his partner, the journalist and director Monika Borgmann, he founded the production company UMAM Productions. Together, they made the feature-length documentary film "Massaker" (2004, 99 min.) in which six participants in the Sabra and Chatila massacre recount for the first time their murderous and barbaric excesses. The film was presented in more than sixty international festivals and had a theatrical release in France and Greece in 2006. "Massaker" received seven awards, including the Fipresci Prize Berlinale in 2005.

While working on their film "Massaker", Monika Borgmann and Lokman Slim noticed that Lebanon had neither an archive center nor a national library. In response, they launched UMAM Documentation and Research in 2004, a Lebanese NGO focusing on the themes of civil violence and the collective memory of the war in Lebanon.

Following the popular uprising against the Syrian regime in 2011, Lokman Slim and Monika Borgmann initiated a second film with a group of former Lebanese detainees from Tadmor prison (Palmyra), one of the most terrible of the Assad regime. In "Tadmor", a film released in theaters in 2016, twenty-two men talk about their individual and collective stories of torture and survival. They speak for themselves, but also for those who are still trying to survive the same systematic torture and humiliation today. "Tadmor" received the Silver Sesterce at the Visions du Réel festival, the Political Film Prize at the Filmfest Hamburg, the High School Student Prize at the Pessac Historical Film Festival, and the Jury Prize at “La Nuit des Mabrouk” in Beyrouth.

At the same time, UMAM D&R continued to collect, preserve and promote important aspects of Lebanese culture and history, through its collecting, archiving, publishing and exhibition activities (in their dedicated place, the Hangar).

At the end of 2018, UMAM D&R also launched the "MENA Prison Forum" (MPF), a multidisciplinary forum focused on the prison issue in the Middle East and North Africa region.

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