Justice for Bhupinder Singh

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Today it's him. Tomorrow it can be anyone.
On the night of Lohri, 14/01/2018, an innocent soul was brutally killed. What was his fault? Just a humble request to clear the traffic. Is this the price he had to pay for being a responsible citizen of the nation? Just like everyone else, he too was celebrating lohri with his family. Who could even imagine this would be his last Lohri with all of his near and dear ones? He left his sister's home at midnight to return back home. On his way to home, stuck in traffic in Jayanagar, Tripura Road, Guwahati, he requested an Innova driver to back off his car so that the truck could move and thus clear the traffic. As reported by the witnesses there, the man sitting in the car was accompanied with two other young ladies who seemed to be too highly drunk and started shouting in slang language and instigated him to hit Bhupinder, after the two parties got into a verbal argument over parking of their vehicle. Surprisingly the driver took a reverse and hit Bhupinder Singh. He dragged him upto 50 metres and hit him on an electric post. His speeding car soon escaped. The victim who was inhumanly hit by an Innova car, succumbed to his injuries even before the ambulance arrived at spot. The only CCTV footage could only capture the side view of the car, which is making it difficult for the police to get hold of the culprits. It is to be noted that it's been more than days of the incident which happened at a busy road of the city. The only information that police could get is that the car belonged to AS-01-GE series. Why is the Assam Police putting blind curtains to the killer? Is the person politically influenced? Did we expect this from our elected government who is called 'so responsible'? Where is the law and order? It's high time to raise our voices against this heinous act. This tragic incident has left everyone devastated. Condemn such crime and inhuman act, culprits should be behind the bar immediately to bring justice to humanity. The culprits should be found out and punished to stop this cruelty further. JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED.