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According to reports - 

Women and adolescent girls in disaster-prone and fragile contexts face many challenges. This brings out various cultural and logistical issues faced by women and adolescent girls in taking care of their menstrual hygiene needs during flood .Although, last year some sanitary napkins were distributed in some situations, there seemed to be no strategic plan or prior preparation for disposal despite the fact that floods are an annual occurrence in Assam. The absence of separate toilet facilities and disposal systems for menstrual waste were some of the key challenges faced by women and adolescent girls in relief camps or temporary shelters. Although there are disaster management guidelines on gender-sensitive and inclusive water, sanitation and hygiene response, humanitarian agencies including the state departments are yet to adopt them during the annual floods in Assam. 

This year the same thing continues , with the rise in the number of people affected , the problems and challenges have also increased. Women and adolescent girls are most affected as "Menstruation" doesn't stop due to "Flood" . 

Menstrual hygiene is something which we always lacked in and the main cause behind it is our failure to understand the importance and need to menstrual hygiene. Not having a proper menstrual hygiene can affect them with various harmful infections and make them easy access to diseases . In some cases can lead to dead or lifelong affects. And what makes this worst are the "Assam floods". When both government and non- government organizations are busy distributing food and basic requirements , most fail to provide basic menstrual products and the only reason behind this is that these products are still not added in the "basic requirements". So here I am starting something to help the women and girls population by putting up the cause in limelight and appealing to the people working and people on social media to help and support and so that we can add at least two pads in the basic required items which is being distributed. 

This little step can change mentalities and also save someone from harmful infections.

Joi aai axom.