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Petitioning ASPRO INTERNATIONAL - Purchases Six Dolphins from Japan's Killing “Cove”

STOP THE SLAUGHTER -Stop profiting from Blood Dolphins

Aspro International Purchases Six Dolphins Caught in Taiji’s Killing “Cove”.

A buyer from Aspro International, one of the largest operators of marine parks in Europe, has purchased and today transferred six live bottlenose dolphins captured from the wild three weeks ago in Taiji’s infamous killing Cove, the “ground zero” for the lucrative, international trade in live dolphins. These highly intelligent, social beings are stolen from their families in the wild and forced into a solitary, confined existence where they must perform for their meals.
Cove volunteers witness and document the horrific dolphin killings that occur annually in the tiny fishing village. They are volunteers from around the world who work tirelessly on the ground in Taiji to spotlight the atrocities being committed against these much-beloved, captivating and social creatures with a goal of bringing an end to the massacre.
PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION to let ASPRO International and other Marine Parks know that it is not ok to purchase Blood Dolphins and Whales.

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  • ASPRO INTERNATIONAL - Purchases Six Dolphins from Japan's Killing “Cove”

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