Shut down Puppy Boutique Store using puppy mill breeders in Broward County

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Puppy Boutique Store located 4001 n federal highway Oakland Park FL in Broward County are taking puppies away at 6 weeks from their mothers to be stuck in little cages crying all night. These breeders that would allow a 6 week old 1 pound Yorkie away from its moms nursing shoes all signs of PUPPY MILL Procedures 

After I went through the most traumatic experience at puppy boutique 4001 n federal highway Oakland Park Florida. I looked on yelp and google to find scary reviews. I reached out to many of the people that had emotional breakdowns over what puppy boutique caused them by selling sickly puppies. Together we are getting this location in order like the west location that was shut down and classified as puppy mill. 

They offer a lifetime guarantee for an extra 300.00 during my rough time with my poor sick baby. All they said was if your dog dies we will give you another at 50% off. I said who wants another little puppy when you lose one after a month. She was super rude and yelled “you would be surprised how many” 

people that work or support this business are cold. PUPPY MILLS and PUPPY STORES In Broward County must be shut down!! So the breeders can stop ✋ supply vs. demand The more you want to pay 5k on a little puppy missing organs or has parvo the more they breed and add value. So please stop this today by helping.