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Make it illegal to declaw animals, or crop animal ears & tails

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It has long been known that these "medically unnecessary" procedures are harmful to animals. Cats, of course, walk using all 4 paws, so when they are declawed, they still have to walk on those feet and will still need to use them to use the litter box. No matter how painful the healing process is, the cat cannot get around without stepping on its sore feet. Declawing is done for "human convenience", and is of no benefit to the animal. It is to prevent furniture or people from being scratched. Cats have claws, it is a known fact, and if people are unwilling to own one without removing its claws, then they should not own one.

As for ear and tail cropping (or "docking"), that is also done for no medical benefit. It is a standard to make certain breeds of dog "look right". Ear cropping has historically been done for the purpose of preventing injury to the ears in fighting dogs, however with dog fighting being well recognized as being cruel and inhumane, there is no ethical reason for this to be done. Their normally adorable floppy ears are snipped and taped up so they grow in an unnatural point. Tails, an extension of the spine, are also cut down to be "just right". This is typically seen in "hunting dogs", so they won't hurt their tails in thick brush. This isn't done very much anymore for that purpose, and has since become more of a "cosmetic breed standard". Some dogs get to retain a stump for a tail, and some (such as corgis) get their tails almost completely removed. Why? So they look "the way they are supposed to". This is animal cruelty. It is an unnecessary and cruel procedure to put them through for something that will be of no benefit to them. Please, I urge you to stop allowing breeders or veterinarians (or anyone else) to perform these acts, and if possible, stop allowing the AKC and any other dog shows to allow dogs altered in such ways to be entered into show. "Show standard" should be a beautiful, healthy dog, not one that has been altered in some way to look different than it naturally would.
Ear and tail cropping is already illegal in dozens of civilized countries, and it is about time the United States was added to that list. 

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